Emoti Désir De Pistaches

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Emoti Désir De Pistaches

I’m recently back from a week away in Egypt, and naturally I had a little trawl around the local shops to see what was on offer by way of chocolate.

If you have any interest in chocolate and visit any Muslim countries, you’re probably already aware of a couple of things.

1. there isn’t much in the way of locally produced chocolate, and what there is can be decidedly average

2. Arabs have a major sweet tooth, meaning that good quality chocolate is fairly hard to find.

Tucked away in the corner of a supermarket was this light green box of milk chocolate pistachio creams, and they seemed like they might actually be worth checking out. So I did. It turns out ‘Emoti’ is a brand name, and these chocolates were made by a Belgian company called Elysberg Confiserie. The chocolate part is made from 30% cocoa milk chocolate which is fairly average. The box contains a tray of twelve pieces, which look quite attractive when placed away from the cheap looking tray!

Emoti Désir De Pistaches

The chocolate is sweet and distinctly average but when the centre starts to melt the magic happens, and it has very little to do with the outer shell. The pistachio cream filling is rather lovely, and my palate welcomed it more than it did the milk chocolate. In fact I’d go as far as to say that I would happily have taken the filling on its own. Better yet, how about a dark chocolate version made with something a bit more decent?

Emoti Désir De Pistaches

It’s almost as though you’re tasting a filling that took ages to get right but was then just covered in ‘the usual’, and that’s a shame. Okay, we’re not talking top end chocolate here, but I think this product would really benefit from a makeover which included a new coat.

I doubt these are easy to find in the UK, and to be honest I wouldn’t go mad trying to track them down. I’m sure there must be other chocolatiers making much better pistachio creams.


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  1. Fathima Hamid

    Sounds like your everyday average Arabic chocolates alright. However over here in Qatar we have now available chocolates under the brand name of Patchi(Lebanese in Origin) which is quite good. They do 70% dark chocolates which are really decent!

  2. Simon

    Hi Fathima
    Both Dom and myself have reviewed Patchi here in the past. My last taste was a couple of years ago in Qatar, and I have to say I still found them a little greasy and lacking in depth of flavour, but you’re right – they are a cut above average for Arabian chocolate.

  3. Fathima Hamid

    Right..they are no Valrhona or even Lindt for that matter, but still better than your average souq chocolates, and have improved over time.

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