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Something else I managed to find whilst on my travels in Europe was a small box of eight Ferrero Garden Pistachio thingummies (balls? orbs? Rochers?), and I’m not sure these are available in the UK (but I haven’t honestly looked at anything Ferrero Rocher related in a long time).

The classic Rocher has been with us now for decades, seemingly on the back of one badly dubbed ad which unaccountably made them Choc of Choice for any ‘special’ occasion (Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas, Ambassadorial shindigs, you name it) for years.

Well now it seems that Ferrero have broken out f the drawing room and are now relaxing in the sun lounger outside. A light green box, shiny green foil, and a white petits fours case all reinforce the message that these are different.

…and they most certainly are…

As you can see – no chocolate! At first I thought ‘white chocolate’ but I was wrong. Ought I to end my review right there? Hang on, maybe there’s chocolate inside?


Inside the crispy outer shell, which has been coated in almond chips glued on with some sort of soft cream, you will find a nutty tasting creamy goo which holds suspended a single pistachio nut.

I’ll say one thing for them – they’re easy to eat. a couple of bites and your Garden is gone. The combination of sweetness, creamy filling and almond and pistachio flavours make these alarmingly easy to dispose of. I found myself almost immediately fancying a second, then a third. The third one did it for me, but those with a sweet tooth should perhaps avoid buying these in quantities greater than eight. It could prove expensive.


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  1. A bit of a coincidence there Simon, because down here in Oz we have the Ferrero Garden box but it also has flavours such as strawberry, coconut, almond, hazelnut and pistacchio. You’re right about there not being any real ‘chocolate’ per se (unless white counts) but I loved them all.

  2. ami

    I absolutely love the ferrero garden, which I discovered whilst waiting for my delayed plane at a Spanish airport. I have been searching the web to buy them online, but no luck! Any ideas?!


  3. u8mypinkcookies

    i love ferrero rocher! i love pistachio too! this will defnitely be heaven for me, im not sure if its available though here in the phils. 🙁

  4. I was in Paris and found this same box of 8! I tried relentlessly to return to the same store, but since everything in France closes early for dinner I had no luck. It has been impossible to track them down here in the states. I have been craving them for weeks. They are the best in the Roche collection by far! I am at a lose…any ideas? Ebay?

  5. Andrea

    Just bought three boxes of the pistachio and two gardens in Italy. Yummy! When are these coming to the states?

  6. Elena

    I have not seen these since Christmastime 2008 at my local Shoprite here in New Jersey. They were selling and giving out free samples of these and some other flavors I’ve never seen before. I’m assuming it was to promote them and that they’ll soon be available in the states, least I’m hoping that’s the case.

  7. souzan

    Is there in Egypt and in Vrbru Where is possible Allivdh

  8. souzan

    Here there is in Egypt this product in any area

  9. enno

    Where I can find it in Indonesia?

    • Toni

      I think you can try to seek it in Grand Indonesia, Food Court, there are many imported chocolate there. Hope u can find there 🙂

  10. Where can you buy them in the U S?

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