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Fruition Dark Milk Chocolate With Fleur De Sel

Bean to bar milk chocolate from New York.

Askinosie Dark Milk Chocolate With Liquorice

A dark milk chocolate with pieces of liqourice

Naive 68% Fleur De Sel

Lithuanian dark chocolate made from bean to bar with Ugandan beans.

Benoît Nihant Dark Milk Chocolate With Fleur De Sel

A dark milk bean-to-bar chocolate with sea salt.

Abanico Milk Chocolate Salted Caramels

Salted caramel counters from one of France's most interesting chocolatiers.

Åkesson’s Bali 45% Fleur De Sel Milk Chocolate

An award winning single plantation milk chocolate with a hint of fleur de sel.

Lindt Passion Caramel & Sea Salt

A non-descript dark chocolate with pieces of hard carmel and sea salt.

Woodhouse Chocolate Salty Savory Bars

A selection of dark chocolate bars flavoured with a myriad of herbs and spices.

Beschle Madagascar Fleur de Sel & Pistachio

An updated and refined pistachio & fleur de sel bar from Swizz chocolatier Beschel

Franck Kestener Atlantique

Rich dark chocolate, shortbread and soft caramel. But this is no Twix...

Vice Chocolates Dark Chocolate With Fleur De Sel

Although I have said that Vice Chocolates had quite an eye-catching booth at the San Francisco Chocolate Salon, I find myself slightly disappointed to be at home with only a plain dark chocolate and sea salt bar rather than a …

Delicaseys Fleur De Sel

Part of the goody bag I recently received included a few Delicaseys chocolates from Sydney. I was hugely impressed with the Orange Bliss that I tried first. Next on the list is Fleur De Sel – or as the package …

Beschle Grand Cru Trinitario au Fleur de Sel & Pistaches

What with Japan week and chocolate covered creepy crawlies, it’s been a while since I sat down with something truly sophisticated and exciting. Thanks to a recent rendezvous with Dom at the South Bank Chocolate Festival I find myself in …

Mast Brothers 72% Madagascar With Fleur de Sel

In chocolate-tasting circles, the name ‘Mast Brothers‘ is spoken with quiet reverence. Two brothers from Brooklyn who have somehow managed to make – I’m told by reliable sources – some of the best chocolate in the world. I had to …
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