Toblerone Fruit & Nut

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Toblerone Fruit & Nut

So the good folks at Kraft have decided to update the Toblerone range again. We all know about the white and dark Toblerones, but now we have a Fruit and Nut version to add to the lineup. Curiosity led me to sample this one, as I used to quite enjoy the odd Toblerone and haven’t had any for ages.

A quick look at the package seems to indicate that the only difference between this and a ‘normal’ Toblerone is the addition of 12% raisins, something which can hardly be classed as a radical departure for Tobler/Kraft. It also rather begs the question “Why bother?”. Toblerone is what it is – milk chocolate, almonds, and those little fragments of nougat that home in on gaps and dents in your teeth and clump there for slow-release enjoyment long after the chocolate is but a distant memory.

The taste test seems to confirm just that – it’s a Toblerone, but with raisins. Looks, smells and tastes just like the ordinary Toblerone but occasionally you come across a nice juicy raisin to nibble on. Hardly radical though – a bit like putting honeycomb in a Mars Bar. It’s still essentially a Mars Bar but with an added taste you weren’t expecting and which doesn’t have a great effect on the overall taste of the product.

Personally, I think the difference here is so negligible that it’s unlikely that Kraft will se a sudden surge in sales of this product. Of course, too radical a departure would either alienate Toblerone lovers or just render the product un-Toblerone-like.

So, my verdict is that unless you really, really have a thing for raisins, stick to the original Toblerone. It’s been around forever and it isn’t broken.

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  1. allison

    Hi you simply must try a strawberry kitkat

  2. Simon

    If you knew me you’d know I can’t stand strawberry flavoured ANYTHING. Wouldn;t mind a pumpkin or Green Tea one though!

  3. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Not a KitKat fan myself, but I think I want to try a pumpkin and green tea Toblerone now.

  4. I am dying to try the new fruit and nut Toblerone! They keep advertising it and it’s driving me mad because I can’t find it anywhere.

    If anyone (in UK) knows where I can get it please let me know.


  5. Amanda

    Please can you tell me the name of the music on your fruit and nut advert I like is as much as Toblerone

  6. Angela

    Got my fruit and nut Toblerone from my local Co-op store. In the process of becoming veggie – not exactly sure if this product is totally okay for veggies though (has egg white but not sure if made from battery hen eggs or not). Anyone know??

  7. James

    I got one of these at Christmas, and for some reason, the purple on the packaging really puts me off eating it. There’s no reason to, I just don’t think purple and chocolate go together 😛

  8. Simon

    Tell That to Cadburys!

  9. Hayley

    I gave one of these to my Mum for Christmas. She adores Toblerone but hasn’t touched it yet… I really want to try some, as I love Toblerone too!

  10. Sandy

    I bought a Toblerone Fruit and Nut in April and LOVED it! I wish I could get them in the US. I keep asking my friends in Switzerland to send them to me. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  11. kolo

    Just ate one, and it was great!
    The raisins and the fruity taste changed the overall Toblerone sensation for me, and it was well worth it!

  12. I love the Fruit and Nut Toblerone. For me it is the ultimate chocolate taste combination, the King of Chocolate.

  13. lucia

    onde posso encontrar este Chocolate Fruit and Nut Toblerone – no brasil

  14. Samira

    I love the fruity filling, my boss gave me a whole box of these…i think am gonna have cavities pretty soon:)wink wink:)

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