Tesco Finest Swiss Plain Chocolate With Espresso Filling

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Tesco Finest Swiss Plain Chocolate With Espresso FillingIt was actually some months ago that I first picked up one of these bars. I remember thinking that it could go either way – the coffee flavour might be too ‘Revels‘, or the praline too bland – but I am happy to report that this is an absolute stunner of a bar.

Now, looking at the bottom of the box, one cannot help noticing that three squares (that’s THREE SQUARES) contains 24% of your RDA of saturates. That’s pretty steep, and methinks mainly due to the hefty dose of cocoa butter used in the praline filling, so I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone attempting a strict diet.

It smells lovely – a rich mixture of coffee and chocolate that makes you feel like you’re sat in a very nice cafe somewhere in Europe, while the baristas serve up numerous coffees and hot chocolates. When you pop a square in your mouth you are immediately aware of the additional cocoa butter.

It melts on the tongue so quickly, spreading its coffee and chocolate loveliness across the palate in seconds and distributing the tiny bits of coffee bean all around your mouth, leaving you with a crunchy treat for when the chocolate has slid down your throat.

It’s rich, it’s very creamy, and it’s slightly naughty. In short, it’s a damned fine piece of work, and one which has prompted me to pay much closer attention to supermarket own brand chocolate. If you’re partial to a ‘proper’ coffee and you love your chocolate then look no further – this is the best combination of the two flavours I have come across so far.

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  1. That must be some chocolate to make you think you’re in a coffee shop in Europe when you are in fact just sitting in your house! Either that or you have an incredible imagination, Simon. Either way I’ll have to go and pick one of these up.

  2. chocgal:)

    i cant get hold of these bars could some more reviews on local chocolate be put up like celebrations or something for example..just seen your website terry..nifty!

  3. Simon

    If you live in the UK you are never more than 10 minute from a Tesco these days. I’d say they were fairly local.

  4. chocgal:)

    i only live near a morrisons we only have one tesco in bath and its tiny plus its the opposite side to where i live!

  5. boxerchocs

    I completely agree the bar is fantastic!!!! And although 3 squares contains 24% of your daily saturates I’ve noticed all Tesco’s finest chocolate contains no HVO’s (Hydrogenated fats) they’re the only ones I steer clear of and I’m a size 8…. so carry on munching I say!!!!! Also have you tried the Tesco finest 72% swiss chocolate bar, its the nicest dark chocolate I’ve ever tried, equally as nice as hotel chocolat but half the price! I bloomin love chocolate!!!! (but not green and blacks…. yucky)! Did you know they have been bought out and are now owned by Cadburys-not so green after all (everything has its price as they say). 🙂

    P.s Chocgal, my advice is make the trip across town… it’ll be worth it. If you walk it you can burn the calories as you eat it on the way home 🙂

  6. ButterflyShutterfly

    Gosh…just based on this review I will need to jump the pond to get to the other side of the globe for a bite of this! MMM!! Sounds fabulous!

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