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Belmont Estate And The Grenada Chocolate Company

Making chocolate, from tree to bar.

The Grenada Chocolate Festival 2015

A visit to the island of spice and chocolate!

Gru Grococo

A beautiful, sustainable and ethical Grenadan dark chocolate.

Grenada Chocolate Company Salty-Licious

71% Grenada chocolate with Himalayan salt.

Jaz & Jul’s Organic Hot Chocolate

I’ve been aware of Jaz & Jul’s for some time now, but only had a chance to talk to them properly and pick up some samples at the Southbank Chocolate Festival. Jaz & Juls just make hot chocolate. They use …

Grenada Chocolate Company 82%

A few days after I picked this bar up in Waitrose, the lovely people at Chococo sent me another. As it only takes a single bar to write a review, I’ll be giving away the spare bar at the end …

Grenada Chocolate Company Organic Dark

When I received this in the post recently I was immediately taken with the packaging design. I love the colours and the overall tone of the wrapper. It’s very Caribbean, with a ‘home made’ feel, and reading the information on …
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