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Rococo Bird Of Paradise Eggs

Flavoured caramel mini eggs from Rococo.

Choco Cocagne Assortment

An assortment of chocolates from Cocagne, New Brunswick.

Chocolatier Herzog Selection

Delicious and beautiful chocolates from Sven Herzog.

Lindt Excellence Passion Fruit Intense

A 49% chocolate with passion fruit and almonds.

Tiger J’s Truffles

A range of truffles sold partly in aid of the Born Free Foundation.

Freia Premium Passion Fruit

Freia is a long established Norwegian chocolate manufacturer, with a shop in Oslo since the late nineteenth century. Rebranded in Sweden and elsewhere as Marabou (due to existing copyright problems), Freia was bought out by Kraft some years ago. The …

Côte d’Or Lemon Ginger & Passion Fruit

The selection of chocolate bars available at the non-specialist shops in town in pretty stagnant – all the usual things from the usual suspects and that’s about it. And while it is rather nice to be able to pick up …

Artisan du Chocolat Creme de la Creme Egg

I picked this little egg up from Artisan du Chocolat’s stall at the London Chocolate Festival on Friday – a freebie for remembering their ‘magic word of the day’. They come in milk and dark chocolate varieties. This is the …

Nestlé KitKat Raspberry & Passion Fruit

How KitKat’s became so popular in Japan is a mystery to me. This simple little snack was originally created in Yorkshire by Rowntree’s in the 1930s, and for a long time didn’t do anything particularly interesting. For as long as …
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