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Matcha Chocolat Mixed Selection

This first anniversary box represents something of a departure for Matcha, with more of the chocolates inspired by other herbs and spices.

Zotter Cheese, Walnuts & Raisins

Cheese may be a slightly odd thing to put into a bar of chocolate, but it’s not quite as odd as bacon. And besides, some of us eat cheesecakes every day, so it can’t be that bad, right? Still, Austrian …

Galler Mendiants

When I received this tube of Mendiants from Galler, my first question (and probably one you’ve already asked) was “What are Mendiants then?” Luckily the answers are online (as ever) and so I quote from Wikipedia: “A mendiant is a …

Morinaga Koeda

Koeda is Japanese for twigs, and as you can see from the box, these are little knobbly twigs of milk chocolate. Inside each box are twelve individual packets, each containing four ‘twigs’ in a variety of flavours. In typical Japanese …
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