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Clerkenwell Chocolate Passion Fruit Truffles

Zingy and delicious passion fruit truffles.

Matcha Chocolat Mixed Selection

This first anniversary box represents something of a departure for Matcha, with more of the chocolates inspired by other herbs and spices.

Zotter Pink Grapefruit

If there was going to be a successful blending of grapefruit and chocolate in a commercially produced chocolate bar, it was going to be someone like Josef Zotter who was going to do it...

Läderach Grapefruit & Lemongrass

Here we have another offering from Läderach, a company whose products I found in abundance at Berlin’s Schönefeld Airport. This particular bar offered me another take on grapefruit (my previous experience being grapefruit and chilli) paired with lemongrass – something …

Klaus Noir Piment D’Espelette Pamplemousse

It’s been a short while since I tackled anything a bit wacky, and a quick rummage through the inbox unearthed this little gem – a French dark chocolate bar (51% cocoa) containing Espelette Chilli pepper and Grapefruit. I have already …
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