Lindt Petit Desserts Tiramisu

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Lindt Tiramisu

It’s nearly a year since Simon reviewed Lindt Petits Desserts Crème Brûlée and I still haven’t seen it in any of my local shops. But much to my surprise and delight, this Tiramisu bar turned up in my local corner shop last week.

The poor bar looked so lonely and out of place, surrounded by common Mars Bars and the constantly growing (if slightly chavy) Dairy Milk family. I immediately decided to adopt young Tiramisu, knowing I could give her a better life.

In my tummy.

Lindt Tiramisu

And I have to say this bar is completely deserving of its new home in my stomach because it’s utterly delicious. I don’t know how, but Lindt have managed to make a Tiramisu flavoured chocolate bar that actually tastes of real Tiramisu.

The chocolate is of course wonderful, being Lindt. It’s a milk chocolate with 30% cocoa solids. But the real star of the show is the filling, which somehow manages to be both soft & light and rich & crunchy at the same time.

I’m not entirely sure how Lindt manage to cram so much flavour in texture into such a small thin square of chocolate, but I assume some kind of magic is involved somewhere along the line.

The crunchiness comes from tiny pieces of biscuit, which are so small that they shouldn’t work in theory. Yet somehow they do.

The unfortunate consequence of all this is that this young bar did not have a particularly long life. But you can rest assured it was a happy one – for me, at least.

I think I can best sum up Lindt Petit Desserts Tiramisu in three words: I want more!

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  1. Simon

    Those Lindt guys really do possess supernatural powers over chocolate, don’t they?
    A shame you can’t (yet) get hold of the Creme Bruleé bar, but I’m sure you will one day.

  2. LindtLover

    I tasted both of these while in St Lo, France and I must agree with your viewpoint. They’re great!

    I want to be a Chocoblogger 🙁

  3. BMNS

    I just bought a box of Lindt Petits Desserts chocolates (christmas season, that’s the only reason they had them) at my local Tesco (for the steep price of €15). They all taste absolutely delicious. But my favourite ones are Crème Brûlée and Tiramisu.

  4. Gen

    I AM LOOKING FOR IT !!!!!!!!!!!!

    where ? where ? where ??????

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