Lindt Petits Desserts Crème Brûlée

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I came across this little beauty while browsing for Belgian choccy in Sainsbury’s a while back. Intrigued by the concept and in the interests of all Chocablog readers, I took a leap of faith and bagged a bar.

The packaging certainly looked the part – the slim-box-as-wrapper, discreet gold foiling, well photographed squares of chocolate teasing the potential buyer with a saucy flash of their creamy interior. Who could resist? Not me, at any rate. My inner Fat Bloke was definitely up for sampling this one.

My initial thoughts were that this could be a bit of a letdown. After all, just how do you recreate the Crème Brûlée experience within the confines of a slab of chocolate? Surely chocolate and Crème Brûlée go together like sardines and custard? Would it be a Frankenstein’s Monster of chocolate – some weird hybrid combining two great flavours and spoiling them both?

Only one way to find out, kids.

Like our common hero, Little Charlie Bucket, I like to have a smell of a freshly opened bar of chocolate. It gives one a pretty good idea of what’s in store. So, I split the seal, slid out the (surprisingly thick) slab of choccy, ran a nail along the first horizontal seam and cracked the bar.

Now there’s a good reason for my liking of ‘posh’ chocolate. It’s generally very well made, and as a rule it does what it says on the wrapper/box/tin. Well, my friends, this was no exception. First sniff said ‘choccy, cream and caramel’ and so it was to be.

Each square contained a lovely soft, rich creamy layer of Crème Brûlée, which in turn contained little chips of the caramelised topping one would expect. The thing was, these bits weren’t like the nougaty bits in a Toblerone (destined to clump together and find the nearest dental recess or cavity to adhere to), no-no, these were wisps of flavour, adding that slight extra bitter-sweetness to the flavour without overpowering it. The milk chocolate is a lovely full-flavoured blend and there’s enough there to remind you you’re eating a choccy bar first and foremost.

As you may have gathered, I thoroughly enjoyed this one, and managed to keep the bar alive for a good few days before I revealed it to my wife.

My only disappointment has been that to date I haven’t seen any more on sale. Please don’t tell me it was a limited edition!


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  1. oh. my. god.

    i came over from poppy’s because once the idea of creme brulee chocolates had entered my mind i could think of nothing else.

    wow. (drooling)

  2. david

    man, i know and eat these since years, in france, and believe me, they are not discontinued. you can still buy em, at least in france. you have to try the other ones, especially the lemon pie, its just fantastic.

  3. God, this chocolate bar doesn’t even earn the highest point, it goes further than that!
    At first, I was sceptic abput the chocolate- and créme brûlée combination, but after a bite I was convinced that this was surely the best chocolate-experience I’ve ever had! Next time, I’ll have the lemon pie version.

  4. andreea

    I found this chocolate at a super market in my last visit to Zurich and thought it was a very interesting combination so I bought a couple and packed them up only to rediscover them when I was unpacking two weeks later. Oh what a wonderful surprise!
    I ate a whole bar in a couple of days and didn’t dare to tell my boyfriend about them. Instead I gave him the boring milk chocolate bars and kept the other Petits Desserts Crème Brulee for myself.
    I been looking for it online and in specialty stores/supermarkets but I haven’t been able to find them. Sure! you can find them at the Lindt website but they’re always out!
    If you happen to find some locally, grab as many as you can, because, believe me, it will be love at first bite!

  5. Klarissa

    I bought a bar of this tonight, and it was absolutely wonderful! They still sell them, because I bought one at Wal-Mart. Suprise huh?

  6. I must be lucky then, as here in Finland they sell these bars (and the lemon pie ones) eg. in a big supermarket chain. The price is a bit on the nasty side, but the chocolate is heavenly, even considering it’s Lindt.

  7. trinity

    omg! best chocolates ver!! dont worry, they still sell them.. i’ve bought them in el corte ingles, in spain, galleries lafayette in france, supermarkets in CH, and WALGREEnS in the states!!!! i hate they dont have them in mexico yet!

  8. Simon

    Lemon Pie? Oh My!
    Want one, want one, want one NOW.

  9. Jan

    I agree this bar has heavenly taste. I bought it at Target (US) and paid about 2 dollars. It was thicker than I expected, so much creamier, sweet and perfectly enjoyable bar. It is one of my favorite milk chocolate bars I’ve ever tasted. And I liked the tramisu one as well. 🙂

  10. i just bought this bar on the weekend. i also bought the Lemon Tart one. it is *so* yummy!! i got it at the Fashion Outlets Lindt store in Niagara Falls. i regret just buying one of each bar.

  11. BlackPowderMorning

    I am from Canada, and fell in love with this bar whilst traveling through France in 2004. For some time, I was able to get them here during the Christmas season when Lindt suppliers here typically carry a wider selection of products. Naturally, I stocked up for what I thought I’d consume throughout the year. I got a nasty surprise when I when to Canadian Lindt supplier in December 07, and they informed me it’s been discontinued. Interestingly enough, on a trip to the U.S. earlier this year, I found them in a Lindt store. Apparently it depends on what country you’re in as to whether or not it’s available!

  12. Hey. I actually wound up at this site while googeling “Truffe cake Lindt”, which in my eyes (mouth) is the best darn chocolate ever made. And after reading about the Brulée, I can´t wait to try it out!
    The only downside is, they don´t sell them in my town anymore! ( I live in Motala, Sweden.)

  13. PNR

    This is outstanding, delicious, magnificent! Lindt is the best :-)150g can be eaten for a few seconds )))

  14. Amanda

    Does anyone know where I can find these bars in germany? I looked on the lindt website and could not order. Do they have them discontinued? Love this lindt product. Best one in my opinion. The crunchy carmalized sugar in the filling is amazing. And it doesnt get stuck to your teeth:)

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