Lindt Petits Desserts Truffe Cake

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Lindt Truffe Cake

The third in our collective attempt to snarf up all of Mr. Lindt’s finest creations, the Dark Truffe cake follows on from Crème Brûlée and Tiramisu – but is it worthy of membership of the Petits Desserts family?

There can be no doubting the pedigree of this particular chocolate family, as both myself and Dom have agreed that Petits Desserts are perhaps some of the yummiest chocolate to be found. We’ve both waxed lyrical over the quality of the ingredients and tried our best to convey to you the sublime taste sensations to be had from these bars, so I was (obviously) delighted to find that there are more of these. Admittedly, I did have to go to Holland to find it.

The box promises a ‘mix of milk and dark chocolate with chocolate Truffle cream and crisp biscuit pieces’, and that’s exactly what you get. The chocolate itself is as one would expect – meltingly lovely, creamy, rich and divine (in ways that other bars of that name would do well to imitate) – and the truffle cream is just so rich, dark and downright naughty that it’s hard to stop eating this one. The biscuit pieces are, like the Tiramisu bar, tiny, but add a lovely crunchy element to the whole taste experience.

Now, although this bar is a work of art, I felt that it didn’t quite live up to the promise of it’s predecessors, but in hindsight I think I’ve been spoiled by having tasted the other two first. The fact that Lindt managed to perfectly capture the tastes and textures of two classic desserts in chocolate bar form means that something like this seems a little, well, ordinary in comparison. This is not to say that this chocolate bar is anything other than delicious, just that it isn’t as exciting.

Still well worth a go for the truffle cream filling – it’s definitely exceedingly good cake.

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  1. Where did you get this from, Simon? I’ve seen one in Waitrose and a few of these online but at very steep prices.

  2. Oh wait, Holland, I need to learn how to read.

  3. Simon

    .. and I’m afraid they are rather expensive.
    However, I do find that this sort of chocolate lasts longer (unless you have three helpers)

  4. LindtLover

    In France I believe they are around 2.02 (Euros, that is).. Say around £1.35 a bar.

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