Lindt Excellence Crunchy Caramel

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Lindt Excellence Crunchy CaramelIt’s been a while since I bought any Lindt chocolate, so I was quite looking forward to getting my teeth into some more Swiss loveliness.

I was browsing the shelves when I spotted this addition to the Excellence range. Now milk chocolate is not my usual cup of tea, but as we all know, Lindt do make VERY good choccy, and their milk chocolate is one of the better (i.e. more cocoa) varieties.

As detailed before, the packaging is very up-market. Slim box, gold foil, tastefully illustrated. The chocolate is very creamy, rich and smooth with a hint of vanilla – a very nice blend indeed. My only issue with this particular bar is the amount of caramel they’ve managed to squeeze in.

I don’t know if anyone else does this (but I suspect you do) but if I’m eating chocolate with ‘bits’ in, then at some point I will allow the chocolate to melt and then swallow it, leaving me with a mouthful of whatever has been suspended in the bar. I did this while tasting this bar, and was amazed at just how many little nuggets of caramel there were. There seemed to be far more than would allow the bar to retain its form! (although plainly that isn’t the case.)

The caramel itself is very crunchy. So crunchy that chewing this chocolate quietly would be almost impossible to do. It’s also very sweet, not sugary sweet, but more ‘honey-sweet’ and so the ‘mouthful of caramel bits’ experiment left me feeling a bit over-sweetened and wishing I’d just eaten the bar as Lindt intended me to. The rich sweetness was a bit much for my palate on it’s own.

The overall verdict on this bar is that it is made of very high quality ingredients. Both the chocolate and the caramel are – as one might expect – excellent. Just don’t extract the caramel from the chocolate!

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  1. I do that, too….the melting thing…. (I do it with ice cream, too.)

  2. Chocoholic123

    hehe i do that too! i also umm like to melt mars bars in the microwave for 40 secs then eat it melted with a fork…but everyones different eh hehe 😛

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  4. Dan

    Does anyone know if this is still sold in the UK?

    I can’t find this Lindt caramel bar in the supermarkets at all

  5. Lesley

    you may have already had an answer as your post was way back jan 09. i recently bought some in a shop called Boyes in York in the north of england. think ive seen it in tescos as well but cant be positive

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