Klik Cookie

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Klik Cookie

This is the last of the ‘Klik’ range of Israeli chocs sent to us by OhNuts.com, they others being Gourmet Truffles, Malt Balls and Kariot-Pillows.

These ‘Cookies’ are pretty much what you’d expect looking at the bag. Random chunks of cookie, coated in milk chocolate.

My opninon of these is pretty much the same as the others in the range. They’re OK, but really nothing special.

Klik Cookie

The cookie pieces are a little dry for my liking, and have a strange, slightly artificial taste that I can’t quite put my finger on. The closest comparison to something we get in the UK would be a digestive biscuit – except not quite as nice. They’re not the kind of cookie I’d want to eat if they weren’t covered in chocolate.

And that’s just about all I have to say about these. Klick Cookie sums up the whole range of Klik products for me. They’re “OK” and it’s a novelty having chocolates that say “Made in Israel” on them. The packaging is very colourful and they’re a bit different from anything I’ve had before.

But they don’t quite manage to hide the fact that they’re obviously mass produced, and I don’t think I can really justify the fact that this chocolate travelled 13,000 miles to get to me.


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