Klik Kariot-Pillows

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Klik Kariot Pillows

Ok, well this is a little unusual. These Israeli chocolates were sent to us by our newest Sponsor, OhNuts.com.

OhNuts are US based, so these choccies have pretty much traveled around the world to end up in my stomach. Sometimes I’m amazed how much trouble chocolate takes to get to my stomach. It must really like me.

I’d never heard of ‘Klik’ before, so I presume this is an Israel-only brand, although they are apparently made by Unilever Bestfoods (best known for Hellman’s Mayonnaise it seems!).

Klik Kariot Pillows

Luckily, these don’t taste of Mayonnaise at all. They are little “pillows” of wafer coated in milk chocolate. They also apparently have a nougat filling, but there’s not very much of it and the pillows are pretty much hollow.

The chocolate is pretty good quality (the bag lists it as minimum 36% cocoa solids), and the wafer is nice and crispy, but that’s pretty much all there is to these.

On the face of it, they’re a bit dull. But once I’d opened the bag, I found myself nibbling at them all day and I’ve started to really quite like them. This little 75g bag of chocs kept me going all day. They’re nothing spectacular, but they are really quite more-ish, and somehow feel better quality than, say, Mars Planets or Maltesers.

I’m going to keep this review quite short as I have 3 more products from the Klik range to review, and I’m getting hungry again…


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  1. Wilson Carvalho

    onde posso adquirir Kariot Pillows,provei e gostei?

    grato/Wilson Carvalho

  2. Maya Sneg

    omg those are the best ever! I’m from Israel and I love the sweets there! yum!

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