Klik Malt Balls

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Klik Malt Balls

Here’s another of the Klik range of Israeli chocolates sent to us by OhNuts.com

Malt Balls are pretty much the same as Maltesers, except they’re smaller (about a quarter the size of a Malteser) and not quite as ‘malty’.

Personally I like the malty taste of Maltesers, but these don’t really have that distinct flavour. They’re very crunchy, and the chocolate is pretty good, but the centres taste of… nothing much at all. They’re made of a similar honeycombe to Maltesers, but they taste more like a biscuit.

Klik Malt Balls

That being said, they’re just as moreish as the Gourmet Truffles and I found myself constantly taking munching at them. And they’re very cute. Like the Truffles, I think these would be great for adding to a bowl of ice cream, but on their own, they just dont’t have the quality or flavour of ‘proper’ Maltesers.


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  1. I liki Klik Malt Balls..Malt Balls are pretty much ..They’re very crunchy, and the chocolate is pretty good, but the centres taste of nothing much at all.thank you …

  2. Thank you, I love you, you are so sweet to me!! Mocha flavored malt balls… where the heck did you find those baeibs?? I want ’em.. Thank you again for the shout out, you are so sweet to try my recipes.. It really makes my day, I always show FFH your posts, he loves the way you didi his chicken!!

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