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Franck Kestener Atlantique

Rich dark chocolate, shortbread and soft caramel. But this is no Twix...

William Curley Millionaire’s Shortbread

Another offering from William Curley's Nostalgia Range. Shortbread with caramel, covered in dark chocolate.

Hotel Chocolat Summer Goody Bag

Time for another Hotel Chocolat goody bag! I do love these things, despite the fact that they come in a little handbag and are probably not aimed at me. I think there’s something exciting about ripping open a bag full …

Sugah! Retro Bars

Now that all things old are new again, and there’s money to be made from nostalgia, it isn’t really a surprise that some smart people are trying to capitalize on that. The Sugah! Retro range of bars are an attempt …
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