Hershey’s Mr Goodbar

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Hershey's Mr Goodbar

This is the last of the current crop of American bars sent to us by online sweet shop Handy Candy.

I’m often wary of Hershey’s chocolate and I have to say, the name of this particular bar didn’t fill me with hope for the quality of the contents, or say much about the rest of their (presumably not-so-good-bar) range.

Hershey's Mr Goodbar

My expectations weren’t raised much when I opened the plastic wrapper to reveal this very ordinary looking, very thin bar of milk chocolate.

But then I turned the bar over and was greeted by a sight that was just nuts. Literally…

Hershey's Mr Goodbar

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many peanuts in one place.

Looking at the ingredients, “peanuts” are listed in second place just below “sugar” and ahead of “vegetable oil”. Hmmm. “Chocolate” comes in fourth on the list. Given some of what we’ve said about Hershey in the past, that’s not necessarily a bad thing though.

Luckily, the overwhelming flavour of the bar is peanuts. And they’re actually pretty good and extremely moreish. If you were to force a small group of Peanut M&Ms to strip naked and run them over with a steam roller, you’d probably end up with something quite similar.

To my surprise, I ended up quite enjoying Mr Goodbar, despite initial impressions. If I were ever in the market for a nutty candy bar, but didn’t want something quite as filling as, say, as Snickers, then I’d certainly consider one of these again.


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  1. I’m really surprised that a non-chocolate product like this popped up here.

    The previous version of the bar wasn’t quite so “burnt nut” tasting and definitely filling. I do appreciate that they pack it with so many nuts (they’ve really started skimping on the nuts in their Milk Chocolate and Almonds bar).

    It’s interesting to hear the perspective of someone who never tried the original.

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    I’m interested as to why you’re surprised we reviewed it.

  3. Dom – As I said …. just because it’s not really chocolate. I got the impression you folks didn’t review “candy” items. I was probably wrong.

  4. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    No – we have a simple rule. If it has cocoa in it, we’ll review it. That’s why we’ve reviewed things like tea and soap. 🙂

    Obviously, there’s a vast difference between a Hershey’s candy bar and a ‘proper’ chocolate like a Valrhona or an Amano, but my personal view is that we should cover the entire spectrum without being overly judgmental.

  5. My favorite is the Hershey’s Special Dark Pieces Dark Chocolate!

  6. Rob

    I have been buying Hershey bars and Mr. Goodbars since the seventies. In the past few years Hershey Chocolate has downsized the “Giant” bars so much I no longer purchased anything but Mr. Goodbar which weighed in at over 7 oz. Recently they downsized their last so called “Giant” Mr. Goodbar to match the others. This concludes any future purchase of any Hershey large bars. I’ll buy bars made over in the UK from now on..they still hold true the original old fashioned thick size bars….Hey Hershey Chocolate Company!! Don’t think we’re stupid!!! Raise the price if you need to..don’t cut down on your product…

  7. Bob

    Ingredients list is not accurate they are corrected listed as follows:

    Milk Chocolate (Sugar; Cocoa butter; Chocolate; Nonfat Milk; Milk Fat; Soy Lecithin; Salt; PGPR, Emulsifier, Vanillin, Artificial Flavor); Peanuts

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