Farmstead Organics Soap & Lip Balm

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Occasionally we get sent non-edible chocolate based products to review, so when we received this soap and lip balm from Jennifer Ferris at Farmstead Organics in Michigan, I thought I’d get a female perspective and enlisted my good friend Claire Bradford.

Here’s her review.

Farmstead Organics Soap & Lip Balm

My experience of covering my body in chocolate themed products has always been one of a let down. Chocolate is for the taste buds right? Would you really want to walk around smelling like a Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar, pushing your trolley round your local supermarket only to turn and find a bunch of choco lovers chasing your waft of chocolate scented pheromones? So when Chocablog challenged me to a review of some new chocolate themed body products from Farmstead Organics, I jumped at the chance.

Into my hands plopped the Pure Organic Chocolate Soap, Pure Organic Chocolate Lip Butter and Pure Organic Chocolate Lip Balm. Immediately on the way home in the car I ruffled around with one hand in the bag on my seat and pulled out the lip balm. Brown and stick shaped it hadn’t held up too well with some minimal heat in my car and had gone slightly gooey, however application on my lips sent me back to Age 11 when I was round grannies house whipping up a bowl of chocolate flavoured Angel Delight. A delightful smell of whipped desert filled my nostrils and it even had a slight choccy taste to it, this quickly turned to a not so delightful taste of lip balm but the texture was smooth and pleasant. Upon arriving at the local supermarket I met my partner who promptly got a kiss, and yes I tasted of chocolate. I used the balm for three days and took it on a trip to London where it faired badly with the heat of my pocket, going slightly gooey and messy. But overall it’s a pretty good lip balm, it did the job, smelt delightful and kept my lips nice and shiny for a good few hours.

Farmstead Organics Soap & Lip Balm

While regularly using the lip balm I wound in a few evenings with the lip butter. The butter comes in a small round tin and has a much harder texture than the balm. It’s identical in colour and smell and acted more like a moisturiser which temporarily relieved my lips of dryness but was not as long lasting as the balm. I didn’t get the same chocolaty delight from the butter as I did the balm, and it did leave a slightly unpleasant aftertaste in my mouth immediately after applying. However, I found myself reaching for the tin just for a sniff to return myself to the Angel Delight pleasures of the 80’s.

Last up was the soap. Carefully packaged in green material wrap with a string bow and printed ingredients paper, this was the most delightful to look with its careful attention to detail. The soap excited me the most because it actually looked like a bar of chocolate. I used the soap to wash my hands for a couple of days and while smelling chocolaty in the water it did not leave much of a smell on my hands. I also took it in for a shower experience and while it got me squeaky clean it certainly did not leave me feeling wrapped in chocolate. The other big drawback of the soap is that it leaks brown water so my shower and sink were treated to brown stains from the drip of the soap, while not a problem to clean up it certainly looked rather dodgy in my bathroom and I got told off several times for leaving the bar lying around out of a dish.

I’m not 100% sure of the purpose of the chocolate range, I get the impression from the website that its more to do with personal indulgence rather than proof that you can use organic chocolate in personal products. I’m still not convinced by chocolate themed body indulgence and I will continue my hunt for something that perhaps has some chocolaty longevity to it…


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  1. Molly

    A few years ago at Bath+Body Works here in the US, I bought a tube of Cocoa Bean lip balm by Davies gate….it held up well to heat, tasted of chocolate, and I love it!

  2. Simon

    I can recommend Vaseline’s Cocoa Butter themed Body Butter and moisturising gels. Excellent stuff if you’re partner has any sort of talent for massage at all.

  3. river

    I love the idea of smelling like chocolate, this is why I use the Palmer’s range of hand and body lotion and moisturising oil. It’s not organic, but it’s great stuff. They also have a chapstick for the lips, smells yummy.

  4. river

    Ooops, that’s Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula….

  5. N Mills

    I will only use lip balms that are made out of all natural ingredients and don’t contain parabens or any petroleum products. I consider myself to be a lip balm connoisseur because I have literally tried over 30 kinds of lip balm. I prefer either minty or fruity lip balms, so when I heard that the Made from Earth Spearmint and Blueberry Balm was really minty, I had to try it!

    If this lip balm was so thick and waxy, it would be one of the best. I love it because it is made with natural ingredients, and because it is nice and minty which makes your lips tingle. Unfortunately, it is very thick and waxy and it doesn’t glide on my lips like other lip balms do. That is my only complaint.

    I would recommend it to others to try because I am a little picky when it comes to lip products, so it might just be me.

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