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It’s funny how sometimes things pop up in the oddest of places, leading you on a trail to something else. Hhow I came to find this tea is one such tale.

I like a bit of music. Well, actually, I like a LOT of music. All types. A friend gave me a copy of a Prince Buster CD, and one of the tracks (Hard Man Fi Dead, if you must know) contains this verse.

“Them boil one pot of chocolate tea.
And all the fried fish they caught in the sea
They also got six quart o’ rum
Saying that they waiting for the nine night to come”

“Chocolate Tea? Chocolate Tea? What’s that? ” I wondered, and continued to wonder.

Until I came across this.

Yogi Choco Aztec Spice Tea

Yogi Tea Choco contains 60% organic cocoa shells, as well as a host of other spices and spices. Think chai with a chocolate twist.

Warming, slightly spicy but with a definite cocoa kick to it, and very good for you, so they say.

It smells very cocoa-y in the cup and this comes through when you drink it. Of course it isn’t at all sweet (but you could add sugar) and the spiciness, while not hot, may not be to all tastes, but I rather like it. Give it a go if you have a taste for the unusual. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Whoda thunk an old reggae song would have resulted in my finding chocolate tea? Cheers Prince Buster!

Ingredients: Cocoa shells* (60%), cinnamon*, liquorice*, carob*, barley malt*, cardamom*, ginger*, cloves*, cinnamon extract, vanilla extract, black pepper*, ginger extract, vanilla beans*
* indicates organic ingredients


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  1. bj_

    could you please send me one?;)

  2. inu


    thx for pointing these out just found them today in our local supermarket…
    but i’ve got a question: how do you make yours?
    on my package it say to leave it for 7 minutes and then add milk and sugar. does it taste better with milk or with out?

    bye inu

  3. Simon

    I tried mine ‘au naturel’, as I have a preference for unadulterated herbal teas, but I would imagine that adding milk and sugar would make it much more like an Indian chai, which is traditionally served milky and sweet.
    Each to his own, I guess. Try them both.

  4. I tried mine both ‘au naturel’ and with milk and sugar

    knowing that indian tea is officially with milk and sugar…

    but i’m not yet sure which i like best 🙂

    both taste great 🙂

  5. sami

    I love this stuff, am a fan of most of the Yogi Tea range, but I think this one is my favourite – so far at least – I see from the website they do a similar one with chilli which sounds right up my street but I haven’t seen it on sale anywhere yet. I just wish it was a bit cheaper! Oh, I like it without milk or sugar, although I imagine it’s nice with as well.

  6. CactusGirlie

    I love the Cold Season and Chili Yogi Teas so I’ll have to hunt down a box of these. I think Out of this World stock most of the varieties but I can’t remember seeing this.

  7. pam

    i love this tea… was wondering what health benefits its has and is it fattening at all??

  8. Guys check it out, you will be able to order your own chocolate tea very soon, see http://www.tisano.com … smooth goodness…

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