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Patric Chocolate PBJ OMG

Dark chocolate with roasted peanuts.

Melba’s Chocolate Scorched Peanuts & Coffee Beans

Melba’s Chocolate Factory at Woodside is one of those places you go on a tourist drive through the Adelaide Hills; or you take a busload of kids there for a school excursion.

Zotter Peanuts & Ketchup

Another bar from the weird world of Zotter. Who says ketchup and chocolate don't mix?

William Curley Bounty & Marathon Bars

William Curley recreates some childhood classics as part of his nostalgia range.

New Zealand Chocolate Round-Up

The family and I are travelling around the South Island of New Zealand. Naturally, when in another country there are many things to do: places to see, countryside to look at, and food to taste.

Wonka Exceptionals Scrumdiddlyumptious Chocolate Bar

“I’d like a bar of chocolate, please… whichever one’s the biggest.” Wise words, spoken by Mr. Charlie Bucket just moments before unearthing his Golden Ticket to Willy Wonka’s factory. The iconic Wonka bar itself can be difficult to track down …

Hershey’s Mr Goodbar

This is the last of the current crop of American bars sent to us by online sweet shop Handy Candy. I’m often wary of Hershey’s chocolate and I have to say, the name of this particular bar didn’t fill me …

Nestlé Baby Ruth

This American import was sent to us by HandyCandy. It describes itself as “Bursting with peanuts, rich caramel and chewy nougat” – which sounds a little familiar – and also informs me that it’s the “Official Candy Bar of Major …

Cadbury Picnic

Peanuts, raisins and caramel in milk chocolate.

Cadbury Starbar

I interrupt our chocablog jet-setting and whisk you all the way to the local newsagents/corner shop. I guide you to the back of the confectionary display; that’s it, all the way to the back, tucked away in the corner… You …

Peanut M&Ms

Chocolate is a complicated and confusing thing. Take these Peanut M&Ms for instance. M&M’s are quintessentially American, of course. In fact, they were only introduced into the UK in the 1990s. Yet they’re a thoroughly British invention. During the Spanish …

Snickers Duo

Late last year, Mars announced somewhat triumphantly that they would be discontinuing their king sized ‘Big One’ Mars and Snickers bars due to public concerns about obesity. But what they did next was a master stroke – they simply chopped …
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