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Gü Hot Chocolate

A new range of hot chocolates in a carton.

Gü ‘After Dark’ Selection

Chocolatey, gooey puds from Gü.

Win A Cool Gü Puds Goodie Bag!

Win a Gü puds cool bag and £15 voucher for desserts to fill it!

Give in to Gü Drums

Update: Pictures from the event below! Our favourite chocolatey dessert company, Gü, is currently undergoing a bit of a relaunch. Last week, we were invited along to a fun event in a gallery near Leicester Square. Gü Desserts had taken …

Gü Dinner

Gü Chocolate Puds invited us over for a meal specially prepared by their head chef Fred Ponnavoy.

Gü Brownies

Brownies. Odd things when you think about it. One basic recipe with one perfect outcome, but variations abound. Some use nuts, others just fruit, others fruit, nuts and marshmallows. Everyone seems to have a slightly different take. For example, Paul …

Gü Deeply Decadent Chocolate Mousse

Now I don’t know about how you feel about chocolate mousse, but I’m a bit of a fan. That’s not to say that every day (or even once a week) is Chocolate Mousse Day, but I have an appreciation for …

Gü Naughties Millionaire’s Flapjacks

I have been fortunate enough to have received this little bag of delights (well, not so little actually – the bag will make an excellent picnic hamper, thank you very much) and over the coming week or two I shall …

Gü Mini Puds

Another offering from those people whü like to mis-spell words in order to get more umlauts on their packaging – yes, it’s Gü time again. This time I bought a box of three versatile little chocolate tortes. ‘Eat hot or …

Gü Naughties Rocky Road

I’ve been eating Gü products of one sort or another for a while, but for some reason it hasn’t occurred to me to write anything about them until now. Dom wasn’t too pleased with his Gü chocolate experience, but I’ve …

Gü Chocs Liquid Caramel

I picked these up in Waitrose just before Christmas as I was looking for something new to try. The simple black box managed to stand out amongst all the festive goodies on the chocolate shelf, so I thought I’d give …
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