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Artisan du Chocolat Mandarin & Mulled Spices

Milk chocolate with spices. And kittens.

Tiger J’s Truffles

A range of truffles sold partly in aid of the Born Free Foundation.

Berry Scrumptious Mulled Berry Chocolate

Time for something a little Christmassy from Scotland’s Berry Scrumptious, makers of stunningly fresh chocolate-dipped strawberries, and interesting, but less-stunning berry chocolate bars. This “mulled berry” version follows the same format Berry Scrumptious’ other bars – broken shards of chocolate …

Ubuntu Orange Spice

The geeks in the audience may find the idea of ‘Ubuntu Chocolate’ mildly amusing, because “Ubuntu” is best known as the most popular flavour of the Linux operating system. The word is Zulu in origin and roughly translated means ‘togetherness’ …

Cocoa Bean Dark Chocolate With Christmas Tree

Well, we’re only a few weeks away from Christmas, and of course that means seasonal chocolate products are already making their way onto the shelves. The Cocoa Bean ladies were good enough to send me this rather interesting little number …

Stainer Fjordo

This is another one of Stainer’s chocolate bars blended with herbs and spices (part of the same family as the White Chocolate with Madras Spice), and the ‘subtitle’ says it’s a speciality of Northern Europe. As you can see, it …
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