Cocoa Farm Shiraz Vintage Chocolate

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Cocoa Farm Shiraz Vintage Chocolate

The more health conscious among you will no doubt already be aware that a good quality chocolate contains a fair amount of antioxidants. Well this bar from Australia, via Cocoa Farm also contains something called Vinlife; natural antioxidants from Australian grapes which give the chocolate antioxidant levels equivalent to a glass of wine.

The Shiraz Bar is one of three available (the other two being a Merlot and a Pinot Noir) and is a blend of milk and dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 38%. The cocoa is actually grown on Australia’s first cocoa farm, so this is actually 100% Australian – a first as far as I know.

The chocolate itself is roughly the same colour as the box it comes in. It’s dark but not as dark as a higher cocoa content plain chocolate, and it softens on the palate like a milk chocolate. The whole bar is peppered with currants, and what they add to the taste is a series of fruity notes, beginning with an almost immediate cherry flavour. As the chocolate melts this softens off a little and you begin to get a slightly peppery taste. Chew the currants and the final element (a subtle currant flavour) is released. The currants cleanse the palate as you finish tasting, leaving your mouth feeling clean and definitely ready for another square.

I would imagine that the importation costs contribute to the high price of this bar. At almost £4.00 for 100g it’s definitely one of the more expensive items I’ve tried of late. Having said that, it’s definitely a good quality product and another one for those of you who like the unusual. Also a great pressie for anyone who loves their wine and chocolate (like me).


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  1. Simon, you’re much faster than me – I was halfway through writing a few for this little beauty!
    They have a variety of flavours that are different but also very delicious. Stay tuned for more reviews.

  2. Simon

    Ah, but do you agree?

  3. I would love to try the pinot noir, but I would say that a darker chocolate should be used with wine, considering wine is not that sweet to begin with.

    The Peanut Butter Boy

  4. Yes, I agree with your review Simon and for once, feel lucky that they are much more affordable for us chocolate and wine lovers in Australia.

  5. I got one of these as a birthday present. I’ve just eaten half of it in a sitting (whilst doing a task that would otherwise cause creeping brain-rot). It really is very nice. I completely agree with the review.

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