Cukrček Dark Chocolate with Teran

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More chocolate from Slovenia, courtesy of Barica, our Slovenian chocolate exporting friend.

This is part of a range made by Benedict, a family run business which has been operating in Ljubljana for some fifteen years or so.

The chocolate is a 64% cocoa bar, and the label on the back of the box very kindly explains that Teran is a Slovenian red wine, produced on the Kras plateau from a grape variety called Refosk.

When I was asked what sorts of chocolate I’d be interested in I asked for something unique to Slovenia, and with this bar Barica came up trumps.

It has a good dark colour to it, a pleasant glossy sheen, and a rich aroma. The wine content has made the chocolate a little softer than one might expect, and lends it a very pleasant, subtly alcoholic note to the overall taste. When tasting this chocolate the slightly sweet winey top notes are there seconds before the darker, more complex cocoa flavours. As the cocoa notes build on the palate you taste deep chocolatey flavours with hints of coffee and tobacco, and the finish is a lively blend of bittersweet cocoa and a soft, mildly alcoholic note.

I liked this a lot. While it my not have been the darkest of dark chocolate, the overall taste was very satisfying, and the fact it was made with something unique to Slovenia was an added bonus. According to the website (for lovers of sweat (sic) treats, but how good is MY Slovenian?) this is one of some 76 bars in the range! I have three, and if they’re anything like this I’m a very lucky man.


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  1. Maybe it’s not a ‘sic’ after all. If they have that many varieties, maybe Slovenian ‘sweat’ is one of them!

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