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Ritter Sport Selection Part 2

Taking a look at the first half of Ritter Sport bars I received, my views were favorable. The second half, however, I am not finding so enjoyable. Three of these bars contain nuts; two are dark chocolate. Working on the …

Ritter Sport Selection

The wonderful thing about getting sent samples to review is that you end up with things you might not otherwise have tried. Despite positive reviews on Chocablog, I never had much interest in Ritter Sport. The name doesn’t appeal to …

Ritter Sport Marzipan

Plain chocolate with a marzipan filling.

Ritter Sport White Whole Hazelnuts

White chocolate with hazelnut.

Ritter Sport Rum Raisins Hazelnuts

Milk chocolate with rum, raisins and hazelnuts

Ritter Sport Praliné

As you may already know, I’m a huge fan of Ritter Sport. They make simple, great quality chocolate in decent sized bars. It’s unpretentious and delicious. This particular bar is interesting because it’s quite similar to the Guylian Sea Shells …

Ritter Sport Chocolate Crème

If you’re a regular Chocablog reader, you may know I’m a big fan of Ritter Sport. The Cappuccino, Peppermint and Dark varieties were all delicious. So my reaction on finding this new addition to the range was mixture of excitement …

Ritter Sport Dark

50% 'Half Bitter' dark chocolate.

Ritter Sport Peppermint

Dark chocolate with a peppermint filling.

Ritter Sport Cappuccino

Sometimes it’s nice to have a change from the usual. You spend ten minutes browsing the vast array of chocolate in the local sweet shop, but nothing really grabs you. And then you see it. Something new. Doesn’t look British. …
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