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As you may already know, I’m a huge fan of Ritter Sport. They make simple, great quality chocolate in decent sized bars. It’s unpretentious and delicious.

This particular bar is interesting because it’s quite similar to the Guylian Sea Shells I reviewed previously.

Yes, I know this big square of chocolate doesn’t look much like a sea shell, but look beyond the shape and you’ll see they’re both good quality chocolates with a soft praline filling.

So how does this compare? Well the chocolate itself is very nice, although it’s not quite as creamy as the Guylian. That’s partly because the Guylian shells have white chocolate in them, but I think the overall quality is slightly better too. But then you expect Belgian Chocolate to be the best anyway.

The Ritter’s filling is slightly softer, slightly creamier and slightly nuttier. There isn’t an awful lot in it, but I think the Ritter wins here. If there’s one thing Ritter Sport is good at, it’s making delicious fillings for their bars. This is no exception.

Appearance wise, I prefer the square slab of chocolate to the fancy sea shell shapes. I like chocolate I can eat on the bus without looking like a total idiot. And shells are for girls.

Overall, it’s close, but Ritter is much more of an every day chocolate. If you’re buying chocolate as a gift, the Guylian is sure to go down better, but if you just want a tasty, good quality bar, go for the Ritter.

Having said all that, this isn’t my favourite Ritter Sport bar. I prefer the Cappuccino and Peppermint varieties. But they have loads of others to choose from too.


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  1. Rembrandt

    Makes the BEST hot chocolate. 2 cups of whole milk to one bar. Just heat up the milk, drop in the chocolate squares and mix. So simple. So good.

    • Thanks Rembrandt i will be trying a Ritter Sport hot chocolate. Iv’e used Nutella before but i think yours will taste better,ha The Ritter Sport noisette would also work. Great review Chocablog.

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