Ritter Sport Cappuccino

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Sometimes it’s nice to have a change from the usual. You spend ten minutes browsing the vast array of chocolate in the local sweet shop, but nothing really grabs you.

And then you see it. Something new.

Doesn’t look British. Or American. It must be good!

You grab it from the shelf and run home like a little chiild. Half way home, you think it might be a good idea to go back and pay the shopkeeper, which kind of spoils the moment.

Where was I? Oh yes, Ritter Sport Cappuccino.

When you do finally get this home, the first thing you notice when you open it is the overwhelming coffee smell. For coffee addicts, this is going to be heaven. Then you have to decide how to eat it… something that’s always fun when you don’t know what’s inside the milk chocolate chunks.

So you close your eyes and take a big bite. Mmmmmmm.

For some reason I was expecting some kind of biscuit, but this is soft and creamy all the way through. And it’s rather delicious. The chocolate is smooth and delicious and the filling is creamy and very, very cappuccinoy (that’s a real word, honest).

If youre the type that goes for the coffee cremes whenever someone opens a box of Milk Tray, you’ll love this. If not, then there’s a wide range of other flavours – just check out their web site.


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  1. On a recent trip to the UK I purchased a variety of chocolates for the long plane ride home, a Ritter Sport Cappuccino among them. Oh. My. God. HEAVEN! I am desperately seeking a supplier here in the US! HELP!

  2. Maggie

    Ritter Sport is actually German. My dad used to work there occasionally, so tome these taste of childhood and of very, very early mornings when Dad used to walk into the kitchen with a bug full of sweets. Funny, we always got to the bag before hugging the poor old man.
    My favourite variety is the almond one.

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