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Chuao Chocolatier Firecracker

Dark chocolate with chilli & popping candy.

Hammond’s Crackle Crunch

Milk chocolate with raspberry and popping candy.

Sainsbury’s Chocolate Spreads

A range of flavoured chocolate spreads and a chocolate chip peanut butter from Sainsbury's.

Thorntons Cloudy Lemonade

The latest addition to Thornton's chocolate block range, this white chocolate with lemon oil and popping candy is sure to put a smile on your face.

Chocolate Pop Rocks

Chocablog has reported on popping candy in chocolate before; having, however, not personally tried this strange combination, I picked up two packets when I stumbled across plain milk chocolate covered Pop Rocks. While I can’t say from experience, the idea …

James Chocolates Firecracker Egg

A 70% cocoa dark chocolate egg, but it’s James Firecracker chocolate, and therefore home to chilli, pepper, spice, and of course popping candy.

Paul Wayne Gregory Salted Caramel Lollipop With Popping Candy

I think it’s fairly safe to say that for many people Paul Wayne Gregory was something fo a highlight at the South Bank in London last weekend. If the seemingly permanent crowd his stand were anything to go by, he …

Elite ‘Fingers’ With Popping Candy

OK, so we had the Elite chocolate with popping candy and we had the Elite milk chocolate with cream. Now, someone over at Elite must have said to himself (or herself) one day “hey, why not combine the two for …

Terry’s Volcanic Popping Candy Chocolate Orange

We’ve had a few incidences of exploding chocolate recently. What with Gorvett & Stone’s Exploding Frogs and Galler’s Volcaniques, we seem to have been experiencing a fair bit of fizz and pop. No surprises then that Terry’s have come up …

Gorvett & Stone Handmade Exploding Frog

This sweet little creature from Henley-on-Thames based chocolatier Gorvett & Stone has a secret. Those green spots on his back should be a warning… bite into him, and he explodes. Literally. You see, mixed in with the smooth and creamy …

Elite “Cow” Milk Chocolate With Popping Candy

First, an apology; although this chocolate bar is available in Jewish shops in the UK, my one came from Israel, which accounts for its somewhat sorry state in the picture. Still, while the packaging suffered somewhat, the chocolate itself survived …
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