Elite ‘Fingers’ With Popping Candy

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Elite Fingers With Popping Candy

OK, so we had the Elite chocolate with popping candy and we had the Elite milk chocolate with cream. Now, someone over at Elite must have said to himself (or herself) one day “hey, why not combine the two for some kind of super-chocolate?”

And that’s exactly what they did. Well, not exactly. First, they obviously had to make it irresistible to children. Introducing the Elite Fingers with popping candy.

From the moment you pick up the cardboard box this chocolate, or rather, these chocolates (as they are individually wrapped fingers) you can imagine the well-oiled wheels of the marketing machine at work. The bright pink cover with the happy cow pictures actually says in Hebrew “milk chocolate filled with lots and lots and lots of popping candy and dairy cream”. Show me a child that could resist such a statement and I’ll show you a very odd child.

Elite Fingers With Popping Candy

You can tear off a strip at the top of the box to reveal the tops of the individually wrapped fingers (each with a different brightly coloured and beautiful design on foil paper). If that dose of cuteness didn’t get you, then the fingers themselves with their raised border and new variation on the cow relief theme will definitely make you go “awwww”.

And the taste? Well, it’s very sweet. The dairy cream is very much like our friend the biscuit chocolate (sans the biscuit), but possibly even sweeter. The sweetness sneaks up on you, so I found that I could eat a couple or more fingers quite easily and then suddenly be hit by the overly sugary aftertaste. It’s certainly the sweetest out of all their chocolates I tried recently, which is somewhat worrying considering how strongly it’s aimed at children.

Elite Fingers With Popping Candy

The popping candy effect is definitely pronounced, but considering the packaging declares there are “lots and lots and lots” of the things inside, I’d have expected an even stronger effect. I do believe that the standard popping candy bar has more of them in.

All in all, I think this is a good chocolate bar for kids and their parents. It’s sweet enough for kids to like and they will love the fancy packaging. In my day, kids would probably collect and trade the individual wrappings, but nowadays I think they’d be more interested in the accompanying TV ad with giant 3D cartoon superhero characters whose mission is the figure out how to stuff “incredible amounts” of candy into the chocolate fingers. For parents, one would assume the fact that kids can have a single finger as a treat and can even pick their chosen finger out from the box without needing to take all of them out (which may lead to them wanting more than one) is definitely a good thing and makes up from the chocolate obviously having more than its fair share of sugar.

As for me, it’s the perfect, cute chocolate bar to have next to coffee, but don’t make the mistake of having more than a couple, or you’ll wish you’d had none at all.


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  1. Ooh I really want to try these…now I have to figure out who I know that is going to Israel soon!

  2. Oh my that sounds amazing! It’s a shame it’s overly sweet though that would put me off slightly. Loving the packaging too, very colourful!

  3. Gary

    Just got three packs of them, courtesy of my sister who lives in Efrat. they are wicked tasty – the fingers are too small – just give me a full bar size!

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