Elite “Cow” Milk Chocolate With Popping Candy

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Elite “Cow” Milk Chocolate With Popping Candy

First, an apology; although this chocolate bar is available in Jewish shops in the UK, my one came from Israel, which accounts for its somewhat sorry state in the picture. Still, while the packaging suffered somewhat, the chocolate itself survived the journey unscathed.

Now for the chocolate. Does anyone remember the pop rocks candy from the 80s? It was rather a big hit when I was a child and came in a whole assortment of colours and (often sickly) flavours. This bar, from Israel’s most well-known chocolate family, the Cow label chocolate, is loaded with this popping sensation, as implied by the little fireworks on the wrapping. You can actually see the little bits of popping candy inside the chocolate and I must admit I was worried I was in for yet another sickly experience, remembering the chemical flavours I used to love so much back in my more sugar-obsessed days.

Elite “Cow” Milk Chocolate With Popping Candy

Fortunately, I was wrong. Elite’s chocolate is sweet, but not too sweet and you can’t taste the popping candy at all. You can certainly feel it, though, which makes for a thoroughly bizarre experience with lots of little pops at the back of your mouth. These go on long after you’ve swallowed the chocolate, but there is no aftertaste of any sort, just pure sensation.

All in all, this is a pleasant experience. The chocolate is nice enough, not exactly gourmet but perfectly palatable, while the popping candy effect is certainly fun, even if it is a bit gimmicky. Kids certainly love it and I must admit it gave me fond memories of being an 80s child and was all in all rather good fun.


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  1. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Oh that’s interesting… I’ll be reviewing something else that has popping candy for Chocolate Week next week…

  2. We have a Cadbury milk chocolate with popping candy, in Australia. My kids love it. It certainly is a *most* unusual sensation.

  3. I bought one of those a few weeks ago. It’s in my chocolate fridge, I was waiting for it to cool off here a bit more.

  4. I love these candy bars and always ask people to bring them back from Israel for me…I thought they were supposed to look like that lol

  5. Rochel

    Eating one right now 🙂 🙂

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