Patric Chocolate PBJ OMG

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Patric Chocolate PBJ OMG

The American craft chocolate scene has exploded over the last few years, but Patric Chocolate is one of the pioneers, having been around since 2006. So it’s no big surprise to see a chocolatey take on a classic American flavour combination; the peanut butter jelly sandwich.

What is a little surprising is how that flavour combination is achieved. Chocolate maker Alan McClure has opted to combine peanut butter into the chocolate and let the natural fruit notes in the chocolate supply the jelly / jam flavour.

Patric Chocolate PBJ OMG

There’s no indication of either cocoa percentage or origin on this bar, which is a little annoying. It may not be aimed at the high end artisan market, but it would be nice to have a little more information about what I’m eating.

There’s also no information on how the bar is made, but it looks as though the peanut butter has been conched with the chocolate for some time. The result is a bar that looks fantastic, but lacks the glossy, shiny finish you would expect from a dark chocolate bar. I have to admit that the matt finish has a beauty of its own though.

That’s reflected in the texture too. The chocolate does have a bit of a ‘snap’ to it, but it’s quite soft and very smooth and melts quickly in the mouth. Don’t expect chunks of peanut in this bar.

Patric Chocolate PBJ OMG

The flavour is led by roasted peanuts, but with a little too much emphasis on the roasting and not quite enough on the nut for my tastes. For the most part, it overwhelms the chocolate, but towards the end, you do get a little hint of fruitiness from the chocolate. It’s not much, but it’s definitely there.

I really like the concept of this bar, but the roasted flavour is just a little too strong for for me. I enjoyed it as confectionery, but found myself wanting to taste a little more of the chocolate and a little less of the roasted peanuts. It’s certainly a step up from the average peanut chocolate, and something worth seeking out for novelty value alone though.


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  1. I happened to have one of these bars in my stash, so when I read your post, I went and got it out so that I could taste along with you.

    I have to agree with you. This bar underwhelmed me. A disappointment from a chocolate maker of the Patric’s stature. I loved the idea of the bar (combining the smoothness of natural peanut butter, sea salt, and fruity chocolate, but it didn’t deliver to my expectations.) There isn’t nearly enough nuttiness for my taste, and I found the chocolate to be very flat. Not nearly enough fruity notes. Oh, well.

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