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Choc’fleurs India White Chocolate with Ginger

White chocolate with Indian spices & petals.

Seed & Bean Pumkin Seeds & Hemp Oil

Another bar from Seed & Bean, the Nottingham based maker of fair trade, organic chocolate bars.

The Chocolate Tree “Seeds” Milk Chocolate

Having recently written about this Edinburgh company and their excellent chilli chocolate, I was obviously keen to try another one of The Chocolate Tree’s bars. This time it was their milk chocolate bar with seeds. The bar contains sunflower, pumpkin …

Carla Čokoláda Dark Chocolates

This brand comes from the Czech Republic and is manufactured by a company called Carla (well I assume it’s a company and not just some horribly overworked Czech woman). As far as I can work out, the two bars use …

Choco-Lina Sheep’s Milk Chocolate with Hemp Seed

This is another first for yours truly – a chocolate made with sheep’s milk and containing 10% hemp seed. ChocoLina is an Austrian company offering chocolates made from sheep and goat milk, the goat’s milk products seemingly branded ChocoLisa. The …
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