Carla Čokoláda Dark Chocolates

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Cokalada Dark Chocolate

This brand comes from the Czech Republic and is manufactured by a company called Carla (well I assume it’s a company and not just some horribly overworked Czech woman).

As far as I can work out, the two bars use the same 70% cocoa blend of chocolate. It’s just that one has an added ingredient. I’m sure the more astute among you can work out what it is from the wrappers.

Cokalada Dark Chocolate

Yep, the second bar contains hemp seed. Not the first time I’ve had hemp seed in chocolate, although as I recall that was an Austrian sheep’s milk chocolate bar. However, for the privilege of eating ‘cannabis’ seed (which is obviously the selling angle here) you’re expected to fork out more than double the price of the ‘plain’ chocolate bar. I can only assume this to be a cynical marketing ploy to attract the gullible (or possibly already stoned?) chocolate-buying pot smoker. After all, while being nutritionally very good for you hemp seed won’t do anything to adjust your view of the world, as it were.

Cokalada Dark Chocolate

What it does do though is break up the texture of this dark, slightly bittersweet chocolate. In it’s unadulterated form the chocolate has a slightly greasy mouthfeel which leaves the palate feeling ‘coated’ once the chocolate has melted away. There seems to be more texture than flavour, because as the chocolate melts it seems to coat the inside of the mouth in a mildly unpleasant way. I didn’t like the 70% bar that much but the additional nuttiness of the hemp seeds seemed to reduce the cloying feeling a little (probably by about ten percent, as that was the amount of seed in the bar!).

Compared with most of the European chocolate I have tried, this is very average indeed. Certainly not worth hunting down, particularly when there are a number of excellent chocolatiers working in Prague.


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  1. Maggie

    Maybe Carla would be better off making beer…? 🙂

  2. I read your blog email updates every day but I wish I could find some of the chocolates you try in the US.

  3. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Becca: We like to show people chocolates from all around the world, but I do try to find online retailers to link to where possible. Some of the things Simon finds are just too obscure though. 🙂 actually sell a lot of the chocs we’ve reviewed though – you can find a list of what they have here (or just click the ‘shop’ link at the top of this page).

  4. Adriano

    We’ve got a simillar ”ganja”cocholate in Slovenia but I’ve bought it only once since there’s too many seeds in it and they overpower the cocholate.And you’re not left laughing after all…:)

  5. That sounds a bit like the Dagoba hemp seed bar I reviewed a little while ago – more gimmick than taste, in my opinion.

    My Czech is non-existent but the ‘Horka Horka’ under the main label of the first block sounds like something you’d do to get *rid* of the taste in your mouth!

  6. Maggie

    Kath -> “horka” means bitter 🙂

  7. johnny

    I wish I read this before I bought three of them for my cannibus-loving buddy. Oh well, at least he’ll be entertained by the packaging…and the placebo effect my be enough to leave him happy…SHHHH.

  8. angie

    They make only a white version now, it could be better. Haven´t tried, but I like their other chocolates, though. Greetings from Czech rep.

  9. okopa

    Hello, I’m from the CZECH REPUBLIC. we have a better chocolate than these.:/ White version is really better….

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