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Côte d’Or Gianduja

A gianduja bar from Belgium

Côte D’Or Tamun

Milk chocolate with coriander and caramelised pecan.

Côte d’Or Fig & Almond Milk Chocolate

Whenever I travel I'm naturally on the lookout for interesting, good quality chocolate to bring back and review. Well, I also like to pop into a supermarket to see what the bigger names brands are doing in other parts of the world, and this 35g mini bar is the result of just such a foray.

Côte d’Or Lemon Ginger & Passion Fruit

The selection of chocolate bars available at the non-specialist shops in town in pretty stagnant – all the usual things from the usual suspects and that’s about it. And while it is rather nice to be able to pick up …

Côte d’Or 70% and Raspberries

Having already enjoyed the Côte d’Or milk chocolate varieties before, I was really looking forward to sinking my teeth into their 70%. Having raspberries inside was an added bonus. The inviting scent of raspberry mingling lovingly with 70% dark was …

Côte d’Or Sesame Noir 70%

My friend Ashleigh and his lovely wife Marie have recently returned from taking their two sons on a four week European holiday. Now, to you US, UK and European readers bear in mind that such a trip from Australia is …

Côte d’Or Experiences Noir Framboise

Finding this bar was something of a déja vu experience for me, as I had bought a dark chocolate and raspberry bar in Sweden this Spring and had been unable to find it in the UK. That was made by …
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