Côte d’Or Gianduja

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This rather lovely packaging caught my eye when I was away a few weeks ago. The old fashioned shade of green and elegant gold script made this double pack of 75g Côte d’Or Gianduja bars stand out a mile from the assorted other bars that surrounded it. It smacked of tradition and a sort of olde worlde refinement that made me want to see what was inside.

Happily, the contents are as elegant and old fashioned as the wrapper. The two seventy five gram bars of chocolate are moulded using very traditional Côte d’Or moulds – in fact I would swear that these moulds (or ones very much like them) are on display in the chocolate museum in Brussels. The thick foil used to wrap each bar gives the chocolate a feeling of quality (and again, tradition), almost as if these bars had been produced to commemorate an anniversary for the company.

The chocolate itself is classic Belgian 35% cacao milk chocolate, smooth and sweet with the buttery, rich gianduja filling melting rapidly over the tongue. It’s timeless stuff, done by every Belgian chocolate house and a heck of a lot of other companies as well. It’s also fairly difficult to distinguish it from any one of a dozen other Belgian praline / gianduja chocolates, other than by the retro wrapper.

In short, it’s a timeless classic chocolate bar (well, two actually) presented in a very elegant, old school package which elevates it to ‘special treat’ or ‘gift item’ instead of ‘yummy snack’. Well worth it if you find one, but offering nothing surprising or outstanding.


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  1. Sarah Lund

    I agree that the packaging looks quite pretty. Also very classy.

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