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Patisserie By William & Suzue Curley

A Masterclass in Classic and Contemporary Patisserie

William Curley Dessert Bar

Today we paid a visit to William Curley to sample the Dessert Bar menu. Five courses of dessert, petits fours and hot chocolate for £20.

William Curley Hazelnut & Raisin Caramel Bar

A recreation of the Cadbury Picnic

William Curley Dessert Bar

A look at William Curley's dessert bar menu.

William Curley Laurent-Perrier Champagne Truffles

William Curley launches his new Champagne truffles.

Couture Chocolate By William Curley

William Curley's beautiful new book.

William Curley Chocolate Box, St Martins Lane

William Curley's new pop-up shop in the West End.

William Curley Chocolate & Perfume Pairing

An evening of pairing chocolate from William Curley and perfumes from Miller Harris.

William Curley Millionaire’s Shortbread

Another offering from William Curley's Nostalgia Range. Shortbread with caramel, covered in dark chocolate.

William Curley Bounty & Marathon Bars

William Curley recreates some childhood classics as part of his nostalgia range.

William Curley Chocolate Caramel Mou

The chocolates themselves look beautiful, much as you'd expect from anything with William Curley's name on it. They're elegant and unfussy with a simple decoration of cocoa nibs on top.

William Curley Cinnamon Milk Chocolate

This rather ordinary looking box conceals 50g of cinnamon flavoured milk chocolate from Britain’s best chocolatier (at least according to The Academy of Chocolate). Picked up from his stand at the London Chocolate Festival for the princely sum of £3.50. …

William Curley Sea Salted Caramel Bar

This is another bar from the goody bags given out at the Academy of Chocolate Awards a few weeks ago. It’s a 45g, 70% dark chocolate bar divided into five large chunks, each filled with sea salted caramel. The most …

William Curley Truffle Selection

Another of London’s masters of chocolate, William Curley works over in Richmond rather than North London, and has been garnering many a plaudit for his chocolates for some time now. Last year I investigated a couple of his products, but …

William Curley Toasted Sesame Chocolate

Earlier this year I was chatting to a chef about chocolate (as you do) and he mentioned William Curley’s name, saying that he had a bit of a reputation as a chocolatier. Jump forward in time a few months and …
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