Godiva Platinum Collection

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Godiva Platinum Collection

I found these Belgian chocolates in John Lewis – part of a fairly large display of Christmas chocolates – most of which I ended up buying.

As it’s a small box, I think the easiest way to review them is a quick comment on each individual choccy:

(Milk chocolate with “capuccino essence” and “sweet cream”)
Soft, smooth and creamy with a subtle coffee taste. Great texture and quite tasty, but nowhere near as strong as other coffee creams I’ve tasted.

(White chocolate with a creamy praline / almond butter centre)
I particularly liked this one, although the centre reminded me more of a light peanut butter than an expensive chocolate. The moment I bit into it, the word “Snickers” came into my head, but you shouldn’t hold that against it.

(Dark chocolate with a whole cherry soaked in Kirch)
Yummy – fruity with a strong alcohol kick, which slightly overpowers that dark chocolate – but in a good way.

(Pear & cocoa ganache in dark chocolate)
The chocolate is nice, but the pear flavour is not very pleasant at all. I believe I may have discovered the reason there aren’t more pear flavoured chocolates – the flavours just don’t work together.

Godiva Platinum Collection

(Praline in milk chocolate)
A large, heart shaped milk chocolate, with a soft praline filling. The blurb calls this Godiva’s signature chocolate – but personally I found it quite average.

(Praline in milk chocolate)
Much the same as the Coeur, only a different shape.

(Dark chocolate with soft, Cognac flavoured centre)
This one was just weird – the flavour reminded me of the cough sweets I used to have when I was a kid.

(Cinnamon flavoured ganache in milk chocolate)
Like the pear flavoured choc, this one just tastes weird. The flavours just don’t go together.

All in all, I’m a bit disappointed by these chocolates. Godiva seem to be trying a bit too hard to make an “arty” collection, but haven’t paid a great deal of attention to detail. You know, little things like how the chocolates actually taste.

I won’t be buying these again, and the deciding factor for me is the price. At £8.50 ($17.50), they work out at over £1 ($2.10) per chocolate. That’s simply too much for these, rather average chocolates. If you’re buying them as a Christmas gift, you probably won’t get any complaints – but you could do a whole lot better in terms of quantity and value if you get something else.


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  1. I know they’re very highly regarded in the States, but I just find them overpriced. I haven’t tried a whole lot of their boxed chocolates, they just bore me.

  2. raine

    you know what guys, i totally agree with you. it is over rated. not worth it’s price at all. and too sweet for my liking too.

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