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The Chocolate Tree Gianduja

A rich & roasted ginduja bar.

The Chocolate Tree Madagascar Bars

Raw & Roasted bars from The Chocolate Tree.

The Chocolate Tree: A Scottish Bean To Bar Story

Behind the scenes at Edinburgh's bean-to-bar chocolate maker.

The Chocolate Tree Dark Chocolate With Strawberry & Pepper

This is the last of the three Chocolate Tree bars I picked up on my recent trip to Edinburgh. It has crushed black peppercorns and dried strawberries, which struck me as an interesting and unusual combination. I’d had chocolate with …

The Chocolate Tree “Seeds” Milk Chocolate

Having recently written about this Edinburgh company and their excellent chilli chocolate, I was obviously keen to try another one of The Chocolate Tree’s bars. This time it was their milk chocolate bar with seeds. The bar contains sunflower, pumpkin …

The Chocolate Tree Chilli Milk Chocolate

This week, I am in Edinburgh where a friend has tipped me off to the existence of The Chocolate Tree, a local place selling handcrafted certified organic chocolates. I grabbed a few of their interesting-looking bars to try. £5 got …
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