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Terry’s 3DA couple of weeks ago I reviewed Terry’s Caramel Bite and was pleasantly surprised just how tasty it was. Well I was just as surprised to see another offering from Terry’s in my local shop so thought I’d give it a go.

Terry’s 3D is quite simple and consists of biscuit and a creamy white filling, all coated in milk chocolate.

I’m not entirely sure where the name comes from, but I imagine it’s partly from the shape of the bar and partly because of the 3 constituent parts (biscuilt, chocolate, filling).

Terry’s 3D

The bar is quite thick, and looks well made. It almost looks like a gold ingot, divded into 4 pieces, each with the number ‘3’ embossed on the top.

The taste is pretty good too. The biscuit has a satisfying crunch, the creamy filling is quite nice – although it doesn’t really taste of much – and the chocolate tastes good. It’s really quite a tasty snack. It would probably make a great alternative to something like Twix – particularly given the current uncertainty over what’s actually in Mars products.

Terry’s 3D

Terry’s/Kraft are obviously on a roll with these new products, but strangely I can’t find an official web site anywhere, so I’ve no idea what else is out there. But if there are any more, I’ll be sure to review them. I like what I’ve tasted so far.

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  1. Hmmm, I wonder what the filling is – not white chocolate?

  2. Chocstress (Chocablog Staff)

    great! definitely need to find the alternatives to the Mars products

  3. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    MillyMoo: It’s not white chocolate.. it’s just like a generic biscuit filling.. soft with a slight vanilla taste.

  4. Robcio

    Kraft (who own Terry’s) have been making these for years in Slovakia and selling them around central Europe under the name of “3-Bit”. Presumably, for their own obscure reasons, they think the name “3-D” is more friendly for English speakers!
    In Poland, where I normally stock up on them, there’s also a “3-Bit Inverso”: white chocolate with a choccy biscuit and chocolate cream-like substance.
    Sadly, the closest thing to a website is…

  5. Dimitri

    well, actually, the 3-bit has been originally made in Greece, from a Greek chocolate maker, that expanded in Central and Eastern Europe, but was then bought by Kraft.

    I am sad to say that, from the moment the manufacturing moved out of Greece, and ever since it is a Kraft company product, the quality and taste of the bar has gone down dramatically.

    I have been eating English chocolate bars and confectionary for the last 13 years, and the original, greek 3-bit was so much better in flavour and ‘realness’ of ingredients than anything sold here in England.

    Now, 3-bit and Terry’s 3D, taste like tasteless, artificial junk.

  6. Samuel

    What, have Terry’s been making two dimensional bars all this time?

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