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Terry’s Caramel BiteWell this is a pleasant surprise. When I first saw this in the shop, I wasn’t expecting a great deal. Yet another crispy caramel chocolate bar. The Terry’s (aka Kraft) branding didn’t do much to inspire confidence either.

But this is a bit different. It’s actually nice. Very nice.

Caramel Bite is two thick bars of milk chocolate, chocolate biscuit, caramel and puffed rice. It has just the right combination of crunchiness, chewiness and crispiness and it tastes pretty good too.

I’m not normally a fan of biscuits in chocolate bars, as they often end up a bit dry, but the biscuit in Caramel Bite is just right – quite light in texture and chocolate flavoured – and more to the point, there’s not too much of it.

Terry’s Caramel BiteThe caramel is standard fare – not as flavourful as something like Green & Black’s Caramel, but infinitely better than Aero Caramel. It’s obviously there to add chewiness rather than flavour, as the overwhelming flavour comes from the chocolate.

The puffed rice is barely noticeable, but it does add something. When you bite into Caramel Bite, you get the crispness first, followed by the crunch of the biscuit, then the chewiness. Someone has clearly put some thought into the experience of actually biting into this, and that makes a refreshing change from the “let’s stick all our spare ingredients in a big bowl and see what happens” attitude that you often get from large chocolate makers these days.

At 56 grams, this is quite a big bar, but after finishing it I just found myself wanting another. So if you’ll excuse me, I’m just off down the shop to buy another.

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  1. Hi, Dom,
    Since my name’s Terry, I’m a bit biased about this brand!
    Anyway, glad you liked it – maybe you’ll feel more inclined to try more Terry products in the future!
    And, more seriously, thanks for the great blog!

  2. Yuuuum! All we get of Terry’s here in Australia is their vastly over-priced oranges!

  3. This is one of the most insightful and entertaining confectionery reviews I’ve ever read. Seriously, this is brilliant.

  4. kirsty

    it iis almost as injoyable reading about it as it is eating iit ii just ate one and it was like heaven who ever thought of these you deserve a medal there delicious mmmmm

  5. Dave

    As they say, never Judge a book by its cover! One of the best tasting bers on the market.

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