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Soma Chocolatemaker Pineapple Ginger Twig

Bean-to-bar chocolate twigs from Canada.

Soma Chocolate Salami

A fruity chocolate sausage.

Soma Black Science Bachelor’s Hall

Made with cocoa beans from the Bachelor's Hall estate in Jamaica.

Soma Chocolate And Friends

Flavoured disks from Canada's Soma Chocolate Maker.

Soma Mint Bar

Bean to bar milk chocolate with mint.

Soma Aleppo Pepper Bar

Peruvian dark chocolate with salt and pepper.

Soma Black Science Dominican Republic Cacao Nibs

Addictive chocolate covered cacao nibs from Canada's Soma Chocolatemaker.

Soma Dancing In Your Head 70%

A blended chocolate made with beans from five countries from Canadian bean-to-bar chocolate maker Soma.

Soma Three Amigos 70%

We’ve made no bones about it at Chocablog – we like Toronto’s Soma Chocolatemaker an awful lot. Their Chuao bar was our top dark chocolate of 2010, and I would happily give up my first born (when or if that …

Soma Chuao 70%

Canada’s Soma Chocolatemaker is one of our very favourite bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturers, and their Chuao 70% bar is one of their best creations. Michael and I managed to get our hands on two bars from the same batch, and frankly, …

Soma Old School

To be completely honest, I’m glad I don’t live in Toronto for a few reasons, but the one that is jumping to mind has to do with Soma Chocolatemaker. If I did live there, I’d be down there at every …

Soma Arcana 100%

From what I’ve tasted so far, I’ve come to really appreciate Soma Chocolatemaker with their rather splendid bars created from small batches of chocolate made in their Toronto factory. Nevertheless, there is still something really intimidating about any 100% chocolate. …

Soma Chocolatemaker Exploration Box

Back in 2008, I was given a bar of chocolate from Toronto’s Soma Chocolatemaker as a birthday gift. I didn’t really know too much about them, but the bar – their Dark Fire 66% – sounded interesting with its promised …
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