Dark Chocolate M&Ms

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Dark M&Ms

Thank you M&Ms Australia, thank you! You may have disappointed me last year when you advised that it was too difficult to manufacture Peanut Butter M&Ms in Australia due to not having the correct machinery or the will to even attempt to do so for your most ardent fans and so on and so forth but you’ve more than made up for it by introducing us to your new line of M&Ms with dark chocolate!

What I don’t understand is the total lack of fanfare for this fantastic new flavour. I haven’t seen any advertising anywhere for these little discs of delight and they were nearly hidden amongst all of the Christmas-themed boxes and bars lining my local supermarket shelves. Somehow my true Chocoblog nose won out and I soon found them. Delicious destiny.

It was difficult to tell who was more excited about the smallish 225g bag in my hands – me, the reviewer, or Love Chunks, my ever-willing tasting assistant and husband. We decided that a perfect M&M munching opportunity would be in front of the telly that night.

Dark M&Ms

We weren’t disappointed. The dark chocolate was a distinctly different – and much nicer – taste than the usual milk chocolate variety. Not that I don’t love the milk chocolate M&Ms (because I do and have inhaled more than my fair share of the little fellas) but these new dark ones are in a class of their own.

A glance at the back of the packet – after shaking it in the hopes that a few lone Ms might be still hiding in there – revealed that the chocolate consists of a minimum 42% cocoa solids. As such, the Dark Side Dwellers amongst us might scoff at Mars Confectionery’s definition of ‘dark’ but my taste buds weren’t worried in the slightest. M&Ms’ delightfully crispy outer shell also meant that they were on the sweeter end of the scale and most definitely more-ish. One gorilla-sized handful was nowhere enough.

You can accuse me of pathetically clutching at straws, but I noted that the fat content of these divine little delicacies was 23.5g per 100g, which, if compared to the dark Lindt chocolate fat content of 42g seemed almost diet-like in comparison. Well I was certainly going to try and tell myself that after scoffing my exact share – 112.5g – of the bag in less than half an hour….

In the word’s of Australia’s oldest and vaguest pop-music guru, Molly Meldrum, “Do yourself a favour” and get yourself a bag or seven of these dark blue beauties. Stat.


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  1. Oliver

    Needless to say UK wont have them. I got some in France when I went (I think thats what they were anyway, dark maroon pack if I remember or purple and very nice).

    Wasnt so long ago that they brought orange M&Ms back into the UK packs (unless the ones I had lately were imports; more than likely!)

  2. omg.. my prayers answered…

    airmail them to me!! (from Malaysia)

  3. a whole blog about chocolate! YAY!! i can’t find the dark choc M&Ms anymore…. have they gone? are they hiding? I’m getting desperate.

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