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Valrhona’s 12 Bûches Of Christmas

12 Christmas bûches prepared by London's top pastry chefs.

Valrhona Loma Sotavento 2013 Vintage

A 64% dark chocolate from the Dominican Republic.

Chocolate Week Afternoon Tea At The Langham

A Chocolate Week themed afternoon tea.

Valrhona Bahibe

A 46% Dominican Republic milk chocolate.

Valrhona Advent Calendar

24 milk and dark chocolates for the Christmas countdown.

Valrhona Dulcey vs Caramac: Fight!

The launch of Valrhona's new 'blond' chocolate.

Valrhona Tanariva

A sweet, creamy milk chocolate made with Madagascan beans.

Valrhona Andoa Lait

A simple and tasty organic, fair trade chocolate from Valrhona.

The Chocolate Society Wicked Hokey Pokey

I recentl received a little box of treasure from The Chocolate Society, and one of the items in the box was this bag of cinder toffee covered in Valrhona 70% dark chocolate – aka ‘Hokey Pokey’. The card attached to …

Valrhona Celaya Hot Chocolate

I confess that until I found this, I had no idea Valrhona made hot chocolate in cartons. But having seen it at the Southbank Chocolate Festival and being something of a hot chocolate fiend, I had to buy some to …

Valrhona Manjari Orange

I wasn’t going to review this. Partly because Deanna has already briefly mentioned it, but mainly because it’s my comfort food. The kind of chocolate I buy to cheer myself up, rather than to tell other people about. But when …

Valrhona Guanaja 70% Couverture

70% couverture from Valrhona

Valrhona Equinoxe

Coming in for the third and final part to my Valrhona goodies is Equinoxe, a range of chocolate-covered nuts and such. Being Valrhona, the packaging isn’t cheap or dull. There are three short cylinders, holding milk chocolate figs, dark chocolate …

Valrhona Les Grands Crus

Here is the second out of three installments of Valrhona offererings from my generous package. The entire Grands Crus range, minus the already-reviewed Jivara, is here. Sometimes it’s just so difficult being a Chocablogger… I like that Valrhona doesn’t stick …

Valrhona Estate Grown and Grand Cru Flavored Bars

This fall, Valrhona launched their online shop in the U.S.; I’ve received a sampling of what you can find there. All very welcome to me as I’ve only had Valrhona once. First up are these three Estate Grown bars, all …

Valrhona Palmira Venezuelan 2007

From Valrhona comes this bar of Venezuelan Chocolate made with 64% Criollo beans from a small plantation near Lake Maracaibo. I believe it’s the first chocolate I have had which has had a vintage on it rather than a sell …

Valrhona Jivara Squares

Rich milk chocolate from Valrhona.

Chocolate Masters House of Minerva, Bath

Time for another tale of chocoincidence, choco-karma or whatever you wish to call it… Picture this, it’s a hot day in August and I’m in Bath town centre. My dodgy knee has decided it doesn’t want to play and so …

Valrhona Jivara Lait

I’ve been doing Chocablog for nearly two and a half years now, and one of the things that still surprises me is that there are still many, fairly large chocolate companies that we haven’t even talked about. Valrhona is one …
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