Lindt Creation 70% Chilli

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Lindt Creation ChilliOnce again, I have found another Lindt bar to sample, and this one is perhaps the most unusual of their bars I have seen on general sale in the UK. Chilli and chocolate in itself is nothing too left field, but it was the addition of cherry to the filling that had me raising an eyebrow in its general direction.

As previous reviews will attest, I have every confidence in Lindt’s chocolatiers, so after forking over a large amount of money for the bar, I made my way, Charlie Bucket-like, back to work to have a nibble of a corner. (Koff)

I decided to offer one of my co-workers (the guy who had in fact accompanied me to Perugia and was therefore well appraised of my, errrm, ‘interest’ in chocolate) a sample as well, so I sat down with him and broke off two shiny, wonderful smelling squares which we ate simultaneously.

We sat there chewing and making appreciative noises ( “Mmm yes. definitely great chocolate” “The cherry filling is rather lovely” etc.) until almost in unison we expressed a lack of chilli tang to the product. Still munching, we made our way to our little areas to continue working, as I wondered to myself if it were possible that Lindt had somehow managed to screw up a product.

It was as the last bits of chocolate were melting away that I was suddenly aware of a spreading warmth on my tongue – the chilli had arrived! Almost at the same instant, my friend reappeared and said “NOW I get the chilli!”

So somehow those clever so-and-so’s at Lindt have managed to produce a bar that releases it’s flavours over time. First you get the luscious dark chocolate, then comes the sweetness of the cherry filling, and as you’re finishing your mouthful, the chilli element creeps out onto your palate for a gentle, warming finish. A marvellous achievement on their part, and a great bar to tantalise your friends’ taste buds with.

Of all the chilli or spice chocolate I’ve tried, I would say that this is perhaps the most gentle, making it a good choice for a first chilli/choc experience. It’s also fairly rare to see any chocolate with cherries in here in the UK (unless you count Holland & Barrett’s chocolate coated cherries). Of course, being Lindt, it’s also made of some seriously yummy stuff, and while not cheap, it’s a mighty fine bar to offer round after dinner.

Another point to the Swiss.


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  1. garnetFox

    Green & Blacks do a dark chocolate with dried cherries bar!

  2. aisyah_o

    you ought to try Sarotti’s Almond Chilli Chocolate. heavenly…

  3. Isa

    mhm… my mom and me tried that one. it is great 🙂

  4. janni222

    please could someone tell me where i can buy this chilli and cherry chocolate from as i cant find it. (and it is very yummy) 🙂


  5. I work in one of the Lindt Chocolates Retail Stores here in the Atlanta area and word is that we are supposed to start selling this bar sometime later this year. We have already had such fantastic comments on the Cherry and Chili Creations Bars by our customers and I am ready to see what the Chili Bar is like.

  6. Teresa

    Does anyone know where to find Lindt Maracuja (passionfruit) & Jalapena Chocolate? I’ve had a friend shipping it from Germany and would like to find it more locally. It is way better than the Chili Cherry. They have a “hot” collection that I have only been able to find in Germany which includes Mango & jalapeno, papaya & cayenne, etc. Delicious!

  7. Pym

    Teresa, our friend from Germany, too, has sent us wonderful Lindt chocolates: passionfruit and jalapeno, pomegranate and chili, papaya and chili. WHY aren’t these for sale in the US? Let’s sign a petition. They’re unbelievably good!

  8. Great chocolate, this is one of my favorites. The plain chocolate mousse one is good and the orange one is really good, but this is top notch stuff in my mind!

    The Peanut Butter Boy

  9. Lisa

    I was able to find the Chili/Cherry, Orange and Chocolate Mousse in the Big Lots in my town. I was able to pick up these gems for only $2 each (half the retail price, twice the pleasure for price of one).

  10. Julie

    These are amazing chocolates. The flavors mingle, first the richness of the dark chocolate, then the sweet subtle cherry, and finally, the warmth of the chili. It’s a treat for the senses.

  11. Mariangela

    Lindt Creation Chili & Cherry is good, but I can assure You the Papaya & Cayenne one is much better! I have tasted it with a friend and sommelier like me and she agrees, though not being a chocolate fan: it’s more intense and… heavenly, as only chocolate can be. I have tried the Pomegranate & Chili too but, though good, it is more delicate, subtle and not so powerful.
    Here in Italy we still miss the Maracuja (passionfruit) & Jalapena one… I will ask for it next time I visit the Lindt outlet store: I know some companies produce country-specific chocs, but that’s a pity!

  12. Bruce

    The “hot mango” (with cayenne) is awful. Scrape out the filling to salvage the chocolate.

  13. ZoeyM

    The Hot Mango and Cayenne is AWESOME, Does anyone know where you can get it in the US. It is truly a treat for the seasoned chocolate lover.

  14. I would love to try the other exotic hot fruit, dark choc range after relishing in an Xmas chili cherry bar for almost a month, good value excellent experience, where can buy on line????

  15. Andrea

    Try My mom brought me a Hot Maracuja (passionfruit and jalapeno) when she went to Germany. I was skeptical at first but am in love and on my own quest for more in San Diego.

  16. sandy

    This is sooo yummy…I actually found it at a grocery outlet at 79cents a bar! I wiped em out! hahahahaha YUMMY!!!!!!!!!

  17. Tazzy

    I just bought a bar of the cherry & chili chocolate. Gonna try it tonight. Had to catch a preview, tho…btw, I got my chocolate on sale for about $2.50 a bar, which is a very good price. Especially for something so…unusual.

  18. I tasted this chocolate once, and i became fun of it. But here in Hungary the only place i can buy it is a Lindt shop, where it costs apprx 6 euros ($ 7). It’s f** lot for a bar, so i’m really interested in which are the countries where it is cheaper, so that i can ask visitors from CouchSurfing to bring me some. (I used google, but it didn’t help). So what country and shops do u recommend? Thnx in advance!

  19. Suzanne

    We have recently discovered the Lindt Cherry and Chili. What a fabulous treat. We can’t get enough. After reading the comments about the Hot Maracuja we have to try that one too. Great Stuff

  20. Samantha

    Hi to everyone who loves the HOT Chili chocolate by Lindt. I have some for sale on Ebay right now, so if you want it you better act fast because it’s selling like mad. If you haven’t already tried it, it really is delicious!!!

  21. Rachel Gladwin

    Those of you asking if these bars are for sale in the UK, I have bought up stocks of Mango/chilli and grenadine/chilli from 99p stores in London, sure they will be hitting the £1 shops as we speak. ecstasy on a shoesting!!!

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