Lindt Excellence Caramel Dark

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We at Chocablog have the occasional sacrifices to make. These are times when we save you, the readers, from the pain and suffering of finding and trying some truly awful products. Sometimes we find these things, and serendipity sings at us, leading us in the path or temptation and evilness.

Today has been one of those days; a day when something came up that I have to keep you away from.

Over the years, we’ve had a variety of reviews of some very good Lindt caramelly chocolates, such as the Creation 70%, and the milk chocolate Excellence Crunchy Caramel. We’ve also had the Green and Blacks Butterscotch, which whilst not exactly caramel does have a bearing on what follows.

What we’ve missed, though, is a nice dark chocolate with crunchy-caramel slightly-burned-sugar yumbliness inside. So imagine my surprise on wandering through my local Foodland to see a Lindt Excellence Dark Caramel with “New” screaming at me from one corner. I bought it purely on impulse, curious to see what it was like and fully expecting that it was not new at all, and had been reviewed here some time ago.

That’s the moment that Mr Serendipity struck. It had not been reviewed here. And I got it home and tried it. And then tried it some to confirm my suspicions. And then had trouble getting any work done because I needed to try a bit more as well. And then decided I had to write it up as a warning to others.

This chocolate has lumps of crunchy caramel toffee stuff through it. Decent sized bits that you can feel as well as taste. You can let the chocolate melt away and the caramel is left as a crunchy sticky gooey toffee kind of mass (yum!) or you can just crunch the pieces up and get a bit hit of chocolate and a delicious slightly burned sugar, golden toffee whack of yumminess.

Either way, this is no chocolate for kiddies. It’s way too good for that. In fact, this is so yummy that I’m warning you all off. You really do not want to try this. You need to leave it all for me. Mine, I tell you… all mine!!


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  1. Ana

    Haha! I came across this a little more than a year ago and I thought it was lovely. My favourite way was to just let it melt. First the chocolate, then the caramel. A very good bar indeed, but now I have a new favourite from Lindt’s Excellence range: the 65% Madagascar bar. It’s so fruity!

  2. Fathima

    This happens to be one of my all time favs and I was surprised not to see a review of it here on chocablog all this while. Ah well..better late than never!

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