Lindt Creation 70% Pure Chocolate & Caramel

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For the first time in our thirteen year marriage, my darling husband Love Chunks actually got up from watching a live broadcast game of Australian Rules Football featuring his team the Adelaide Crows to tell me that the chocolate I’d just given him to taste was – in his words, “The. Best. Ever.” Wow.

As I was stunned silent, he added, “How come you didn’t get more blocks of this?”
That’s right, chocablogophiliacs, the new Lindt Creation 70% is that good. Now I’ve already raved about the Lindt 70% Intense Orange, and we were keen to try Lindt 70% caramel.

Lovely, lustrous, lyrical Lindt have finally answered my prayers for a hoped-for combination of good quality dark chocolate and caramel. I’m heartily sick of overly-sweet milk chocolate and what passes for caramel, and this beauty-of-a-block delivered salvation in spades. As with the orange flavour, the intensity of the dark just sings to the sweet lightness of the caramel, with both flavours mingling together and still producing two separate taste sensations on the tongue. The only complaint I have is that ten large squares divided into a household of three chocolate-lovers eager to get their fair share is rather difficult. We each took our turn to have four squares instead of three.

The third and final Lindt Creation 70% block of the terrific trio, Pure Chocolate, looked exactly the same as the other two, but without the additional layer. In this case, appearances were deceiving because it didn’t need anything else, and allowed the character and quality of the chocolate itself to shine through and I’m glad it was the last of the three we tried.

Pure Chocolate was truly delectable. The outside is nice and thickly coated; good enough to chomp or suck slowly. Then the inside introduces itself to the palate as a vastly superior version of whipped mousse. This is also dark chocolate but a substance so light that it cruelly captivates, tantalises and then disappears to leave the eater to enjoy the last few notes of the still dissolving hard chocolate.

The filling is not as buttery as the inside of their Lindor balls, but fluffier than their chocolate tart variety. For a few crazy moments I wished I was ant-sized so that I could belly-flop into the filling with my mouth open. Brilliant, top-class stuff.

Well done Lindt – I intend to have my will state that my ashes are to be scattered over your premises!


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  1. Ya these are good, generally I think most of the Lindt choco bars for mass market options are tasty and they try to be creative with the flavours (at least here in France). I love the caramel one from the above Lindt Creation collection…it’s addictive mmmmm

  2. callison

    OMG! ive wanted some lindt chocolate with carmel for the longestt timee! loll i didnt like the one with the crunchy shell i thought it was gross!!!!!!!!! but that looks yummy

  3. Bereft, Townsville

    Having become seriously hooked on Lindt Creation and intense orange (also enjoyed as a football aperitif) we find it has disappeared from the Woolworths shelves. We are utterly bereft and disgusted with Woolworths. Where has it gone? and why? Are others finding it gone or is it just in Townsville that it has disappeared? Nothing matches it.

  4. Dearest Bereft

    You are right, it has gone. Sadly, according to my buddies at Lindt, it just wasn’t selling. It was 150 grams compared to their slimmer 100g excellence range and was therefore always pricier and very rarely on sale. So essentially it’s not Woolworth’s fault but the Aussie buyers who don’t know a quality product when they see one. *sigh*

    I’m actually going to write a series of articles on ‘Gone but not Forgotten’ chocolates in Australia and these darlings were going to be on them.

  5. inass ragheb

    in egypt…it’s hot most of the’s no good keeping chocolates out of the refrgdator but the dark ones are great..thay dosen’t milt like the ones with milk…but i didn’t try dark&caramel….i can immagen how it tast,,,,,….it tast just like a sweet dream.

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