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Paul A. Young Blackcurrant & Salted Caramels

Layers of blackcurrant and salted caramel in beautifully finished dark chocolate shells.

Boutique Aromatique Selection

Aromatic, full flavour fresh chocolates from Shelly Preston's new Nottinghamshire chocolate boutique.

Lindt Excellence Black Currant and Roasted Almond

My latest from the good people of Lindt was a package including their two newest bars, Black Currant and Roasted Almond. The look and format is the usual Lindt Excellence style; both are dark chocolates, though the Almond comes in …

Vivani Feine Bitter Cassis

One of the things I like most about this job is when a company whose products you’ve written about sees what you’ve written and decides to send you a big box of chocolate. It’s not just the free chocolate (no, …

Hotel Chocolat Gorgeous Heart – Fruity Affair

“Gorgeous Heart – Fruity Affair” is a silly name for a silly chocolate. Brilliantly silly, that is. A successor to last year’s ‘Heart Strings‘, this giant 650 gram heart comes in very similar packaging, laced up down the middle and …

Kshocolât Mini Cube Gift Set

After this set made its way home with me, I realized it had a familiar name, being none other than the trice-reviewed, twice–accused brand. That was enough to make me a little edgy as I started opening the black boxes. …

Conscious Berry, Cherry, Merry Christmas

As mentioned in my review of the coffee bar, Conscious Chocolate have produced three new bars especially for Christmas – Berry, Cherry and Merry Christmas. Berry Christmas As one might expect from the name, Berry Christmas comes loaded with three …
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