KitKat Chunky Cookies & Cream

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KitKat Cookies & Cream

I love the new KitKat Dark and am quite partial to the milk chocolate KitKat Chunky or Chunky caramel when I’m starving but was put off any new flavours in the chunky range by the very ordinary Cookie Dough I reviewed a while back. As such the Cookies & Cream variety was not high on my taste test list to be honest.

Having said that, this morning I was absolutely famished after going for a run, hanging out the weeks’ washing, sweeping up leaves, walking the dog, cleaning out the kitchen and decluttering my desk. So hungry that even the studiously-ignored KitKat Chunky Cookies & Cream looked like an attractive prospect for morning tea.

KitKat Cookies & Cream

Well ram my face into a brick wall and call me Amy Winehouse because this is absolutely scrumptious!

It’s nice to be pessimistic but then be pleasantly surprised. They’ve added a chocolate wafer with chocolate cream on the bottom with a generous splodge of milk chocolate and cookie crumbs on top and slathered it all in the usual KitKat chocolate. Think of a Cadbury Top Deck but with added interest due to the double crunch factor of the wafer layers and the cookie crumbs. The white chocolate – or ‘smooth filling’ to use the wrapper’s description – is a pretty good addition and complements the biccie bits.

Time to look at the ingredients. They unfortunately do not make comforting reading because this one bar gives out 19.9 grams of fat of which 11.5 grams is saturated. Or roughly a third of your daily fat allowance in an easily-forgotten match up with your cup of tea. Hmmm, fruit for lunch and then salad for dinner for me today then. Despite these dreary facts, it’s a nice bar for those times you’re feeling like something naughty but noshable.


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  1. Sounds scrumptious the way you’ve written about it, Kath. Please say we can get these in the UK?

  2. You should start a campaign, Shady. Apparently though, it is Japan that leads the world in terms of the sheer number and creativity in their KitKat fillings and flavours.

  3. The Japanese do everything well- they did invent origami, after all..and that’s enough to confuddle anybody’s brain. 🙂

  4. renae

    wow, its my favourite chocolate out 🙂
    very nice.

  5. jade

    bring them to england!!!!!

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