Kit Kat Chunky Cookie Dough

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It was not without a sneaking feeling of trepidation that I approached this bar. It has been on the Aussie scene for a few months now, but with little fanfare. Apart from a poster featuring an Anna-Nicole Smith clone dressed in a tight white nurse’s uniform above the bar at my local bus shelter, it hadn’t registered on my ‘Oh wow, that sounds delicious – I must try it NOW’ radar. Nor had I heard any rapturous recommendations from any of my fellow chocoholics but that could have been because of the recent Christmas bonanzas that were generously thrown our way; most especially the ‘special’ flavours of Lindt balls that are often only released during the silly season.

Kit Kat Chunky Cookie DoughBack to Kit Kat. This may be an ill-informed generalisation, but eating raw cookie dough seems to be a predominantly American occupation (as with their raptures about combining peanut butter and chocolate) – we here down under would much rather eat the raw cake mixture left in the bowl and on the beaters after our Mums had put the cake in the oven to cook.

That said, I’ve never let cultural confusion get in the way of trying new chocolate.
Hmmm. The cookie dough filling (presumably meant to resemble the real ingredients of cookie – or biscuit as they’re called here – such as flour, egg and sugar) really just tasted like a solid paste.

To counteract the disappointment provided by the cookie dough layer, the Kit Kat Kreators have added a thin layer of caramel on top of the dough as a kind of consolation prize. The overall effect is that of biting into a chunky Kit Kat with some kind of indistinguishable, sweetish, stodgy filling inside.

Kit Kat Chunky Cookie DoughAs you can see from my sterling photography, it might as well be peanut butter for all I could tell and the ‘cookie dough’ flavour (whatever that might be) certainly didn’t make its presence felt on my taste buds. Indeed, being an in-bred of the generously-proportioned Kit Kat Chunky family, the bar has already got a lot of busyness in it – big thick chocolate bottom, three thin layers of wafer, generous chocolate sides and top and then it throws in some doughy paste and a final dash of caramel. Instead of creating a kind of confectionary fairytale in the mouth, it just blends in to a bland, forgettable sweet mess. This is not the sort of bar you want to be tasting with a blindfold on and a gun to your head…

I wouldn’t trouble myself to buy this again – I’d prefer to go for the Kit Kat caramel bar for a fix of extra sweet sticky stuff with extra thick chocolate. At least then I’d enjoy the full-on flavour of the caramel in a more generous amount than just a thin layer on top of old dough.

What I would rather Nestlé Australia do is forget about these non-appealing flavour combinations and instead try a chunky in Dark chocolate. Nestle do a beautiful range of family-sized dark chocolate blocks, so surely they could fling some Kit Kat Chunky’s way? If so, I’ll be the first in line.

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  1. What a shame, when I first saw this on Cybercandy I thought it looked really good, certainly not worth the crazy prices they charge though. I’ll stick to my Peanut Butter Kit Kat Chunkys then, those things are ‘da bomb’.

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    But.. but.. the Peanut Butter variety is truly awful! I’m just relieved the cookie dough flavour doesn’t appear to be available here in the UK.

  3. I don’t know how you can dislike the PB flavour, almost everyone I know loves it. I know it doesn’t taste like real PB, but I don’t like that stuff much anyway, so it’s an improvement! I don’t think we’ll be seeing too many new KitKats here in the near future anyway, not after the whole ‘Temptations’ product failure. The Dark chocolate one is good though, might have to dedicate a few days to banging out some KitKat reviews.

  4. American here!

    The only cookie dough I’ve ever liked was the bits that came in Ben and Jerry’s ice cream back in the day. That was good and really did taste like cookie dough.

    I do concur on eating the cake batter. Yummy! and now that eggs are pasteurized, I can give it to my kids!


  5. Mel

    My oh my… Do they sell this in The Netherlands? *drool* Despite the “warnings” I’m actually dying to try it, things like cookie dough have always fascinated me… 🙂
    They did sell the Peanut Butter variant here a while ago as a “limited edition”, but I still turn all green when I think back on it. 😐 I’m crazy about the White chunks though. *drool… once again*
    Anyway, this site is absolutely amazing. I love it, keep up the great work!

  6. chocgal:)

    do you know where these can be bought in bath?

  7. Leny Versteeg

    why don’t we have in the netherlands kitkat cookie dough

  8. Chrissy

    i love kitkat cookie doughs 🙂

  9. amy and sayerah

    ahhhhhhhhh mate,
    no way
    well want one.

    sayerah and amy

  10. cookie dough lovers


    we want to try this

    we live in the uk

    where can we get one of these ?

    will it be avilable in the uk soon?

    please let us know

    or else!
    all our love

    cookie dough lovers


  11. Dee

    I /loved/ these so much, and completely and utterly disagree with your review. The cookie dough was a nice, thick gooey consistency with just the right amount of sweetness. Absolutely loved it and miss it dearly. I liked the PB version a lot too, but in my opinion this one was better.

  12. let it be an “ill-informed generalisation”, so be it. But I am American and Ive been eating cookie dough since before eating cookie dough was cool!



  13. Youre completely correct with this blog post.

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